Ravin R10 Vs R26 – Which Gear Should You Buy?

Ravin R10 vs R26 is a very bland comparison if you ask me. It is like comparing one iPhone model with another. You get a slightly altered appearance and weight difference and a huge price hike. This is specifically the reason why most people confuse the Ravin R10 and Ravin R26 crossbows with each other.

One would think that Ravin R26 would pack a handful of features that Ravin R10 does not have so that the thousand-dollar price difference could be justified. Hence, here we are today, trying our best to do exactly that through this article.

Before we get started, let me tell you that the Ravin R10 and Ravin R26 crossbows are spectacular for deer hunting and other hunting adventures you might love to go on. These crossbows are highly accurate and precise and are super easy to manage.

They have sleek compact designs and are lightweight so that the user can feel comfortable holding them. But what is the difference between the two? Let’s find that out in the following article so that the fuss can be put to rest once and for all!

Ravin R10 Vs R26 Detail comparison

Ravin R10 Vs R26

Ravin R10 Specs

Ravin R10 is the most spectacular crossbow I have ever come across. It has 400 FPS speed, 142 Ft – LBS kinetic energy, and a fabulous eleven-inch power stroke. Furthermore, it has a net weight of 6.8 pounds and measures 33 x 10.5 inches in L x W when the crossbow is fully cocked.

It has 12 LBS drawing force and is powered by HELICOIL Technology. With the given size and lightweight, this crossbow is a perfect alternative for hunters and shooters. The best part is that it is suitable for both highly trained professionals and absolute beginners. This is the reason why it is so widely used.

Ravin R26 Specs

The Ravin R26 crossbow is a fantastic alternative to the Ravin R10. This crossbow has a 400 FPS speed, 142 FT LBS kinetic energy, and requires a drawing force of 12 LBS. Apart from that, this crossbow measures 26 x 5.75 in L x W when cracked and 26 x 9.25 in L x W when uncocked.

The length and weight of this crossbow are perfect for deer hunting. You can move with ease and efficiency when holding this crossbow. You won’t exhaust yourself from tagging this crossbow along as you move stealthily around the trees while hunting.


Power of Crossbow

When talking about the power comparison between the Ravin R10 and Ravin R26 there is absolutely no difference between the two at all. As I mentioned in the specifications section, both of these crossbows have 142 FT LBS Kinetic energy and require 12 LBS of drawing force.

So, you will be getting the same energy from each of them after all, which is a bust since you have to pay a hefty premium for the Ravin R26 crossbow. One would naturally expect greater power from something that cost so much.

Design And Durability

Ravin R10
Ravin R10 Design & Durability
Ravin R26
Ravin R26 Design & Durability

Now, talking about the design of the Ravin R10 and Ravin R26, you are in for a pleasant surprise. The Ravin R26 has a more compact design and has a lower weight than Ravin R10. I have absolutely no idea how Ravin managed to make a smaller, more compact version of the Ravin R10.

Apart from that, there is no difference whatsoever between the durability of the two crossbows. They are both durable no doubt but you won’t get any extra durability from Ravin R26 given the price.


Ravin 10 Speed

When it comes to the speed comparison between the Ravin R10 and Ravin R26, you are in for yet another disappointment. There is absolutely no difference between the speed of the two. They both have 400 FPS speed, and 142 Ft – LBS kinetic energy. It means that no matter which crossbow you buy, you will get the same speed from both of them. So, a mind might wonder – Why not get the cheaper one, right?


Ravin R26 Accuracy

Both the Ravin R10 and Ravin R26 crossbows are highly accurate. You can take either one of them to deer hunting and you will not be disappointed. However, the main point is that there is not much of a difference between the accuracy featured by both of these crossbows.

One may say that the Ravin R26 is only slightly more accurate than the Ravin R10 while others would swear that there is no difference between the two. However, if you ask me, the compact size and lighter weight of the Ravin R26 do make it a little more accurate.

Frequently asked question

It is a matter of opinion. One might want to prefer Ravin R26 over the other since it is more compact and lightweight than the other. But apart from the weight and the size difference every other feature is exactly the same.

So, if you are really into buying a lightweight and have a budget for it then you must get the Ravin R26 crossbow otherwise, the Ravin R10 is just fine!

Comparison summary

I’m assuming that you have reached your own conclusions after reading through this article. It is because there is not much of a difference between the Ravin R10 and Ravin R26 crossbows except for the huge price difference, a slight weight difference, and a considerable size difference.

If you ask me, the Ravin R26 is only a miniature version of the Ravin R10. They both have similar specifications apart from the fact that the later version is compact and easier to handle. Hence, it is a preferable alternative for absolute beginners. But honestly speaking, I don’t think Ravin R26 is worth the hype!

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