Is The Tenpoint Titan SS Best For 2023? Our Review

The Tenpoint Titan SS has been said to be one of the most technologically advanced crossbows. It was designed as an upgrade of a previous model. The Titan Extreme seeks to address this predecessor’s weak points. It includes many remarkable hunting features, all at a reasonable price point.

Let’s examine these features at a deeper level so we can better understand how this crossbow performs.

Our Top Pick
TenPoint Titan SS Crossbow

TenPoint Titan SS – Crossbow


  • Velocity: 340 fps
  • Draw Weight: 175 lbs
  • Length: 35
  • Weight: 8.2 lbs
  • Power Stroke: 12.5

The TenPoint Titan’s shots are precise and accurate. They offer remarkable efficiency from as far as 50 yards, especially if you have some rest to support the crossbow.

What’s Included In TenPoint Titan SS Package?

Tenpoint Titan SS Package
  • Titan SS – Crossbow
  • 3x Proview 2 Scope
  • 3-arrow quiver
  • Three Pro Elite arrows
  • Instruction manual and DVD
  • Window sticker
  • Warranty card
TenPoint CB16047-7522 Titan SS Crossbow Package with 3X Pro-View 2...
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Equipped with TenPoint's Fusion S stock, adjustable comb height and a two-position butt plate for a...
  • After 15 years, TenPoint has upgraded their best-selling crossbow with a wealth of ACCURACY-ENHANCING and CONVENIENCE...
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO START HUNTING: 3X Pro-View 2 Scope, Pro-Elite Carbon Arrows, ACUdraw, 3-Arrow Instant Detach...

TenPoint Titan SS Detailed Review:

TenPoint Titan SS - Review


This remarkable weapon fires bolts at speeds of up to 340fps and over 100 FPKE, more than enough to take down any game. Its trigger placement and amazing power stroke of 12.5 lbs also boost its performance and make it among the best options in the Titan line.

User Comfort

The bow is extremely easy to assemble, but it’s important to read through the instructions to consider the manufacturer’s cautions and warnings. The things that might negatively affect the performance and life of the weapon and even your own safety are thus kept to a minimum.

The various aspects of this bow serve to enhance user comfort as well as efficiency. It only weighs about 6.7 lbs, and once all the major accessories are fitted, the total weight is still manageable at a mere 8.2 lbs. Its total length is 35″, and its cocked width is 21.5″. This means that compared to any regular crossbow, it is relatively narrow and allows you to get around easily, even in places with limited space.

The previous model was only around 22 inches in width when it was ready to fire, but as any avid hunter can attest, even the smallest adjustment can make a world of difference. Having a little extra room to maneuver when you’re hunting from a ground blind or tree stand can make all the difference in the success of your hunt.

Its draw weight is about 175 lbs, which is manageable for most hunters, and the fact that there are two options for a draw mechanism makes it easy to use. The power stroke of 12.5″ means that you should use mechanical assistance. We discuss these options in more detail in our addon section.

TiTan SS Design

The weapon’s design is stylish, featuring a mossy oak finish to aid in camouflaging its presence. The limbs are modern and use the split design to ensure durability and flexibility. They can withstand quite a reasonable amount of external pressure.

Another modern addition to the Titan’s design is what is referred to as the Fusion S stock. The stock features a butt stock and foregrip with cutouts strategically positioned for optimal use. These cutouts enable you to get a firm grip on your bow and thus avoid accidents like misfires and dropping the bow. In addition, it features a butt plate that is adjustable and, therefore, capable of being perfectly suited to your height and preferred position.

The quad limbs are among the greatest contributors to the speed and accuracy offered by the device. They are fitted onto an aluminum riser that is fully machined to enhance its durability. The riser also has prominent cutouts to enhance the weight reduction on the bow further.

Its T3 trigger has perfectly balanced creep with 3.5 lbs of resistance to ensure that it does not fire accidentally and cause harm to its user. At the same time, it doesn’t weigh enough to cause a lot of drag that can lower response time. Overall, the TenPoint Titan’s shots are precise and accurate. They offer remarkable efficiency from as far as 50 yards, especially if you have some rest to support the crossbow.

Noise Suppression

Even though the TenPoint Titan has tried to improve its noise production from the previous model, it is still a bit noisy. This is inherent to all compound crossbows because of the kind of power they boast. Adding noise dampeners to your purchase would be important to improve the quality of your hunt.

Quality of Optics

TenPoint Titan SS Scope

The scope included in the basic package is a simple 3x multiline model with no illumination. But if you opt for the full package, you will get the TenPoint 3x Pro View 2 Scope. It is a lightweight aluminum model that offers three regular dots and one free-standing one to cover the ranges between 20 and almost 50 yards. 

It offers crosshairs and 3x magnified optics. You could pick one between red and green illuminated dots but are alerted against using very bright settings as the target might get startled.


The bow comes with the standard anti-dry fire mechanism and also, by its design, makes it easy to avert danger. The firm grip provided by its Fusion S stock and the lightweight and compact design is the highlights that make it conveniently safe to use. It also has long finger guards and wings designed to keep your finger out of the line of fire.


TenPoint has quite a reputation for supplying great quality bows, and the Titan SS is no exception. By this, the product comes with a limited lifetime warranty covering all parts apart from the scope and limbs. 

These two parts are covered separately under a 5-year warranty period, which is still good enough and better than most other warranties. Such a warranty provision always offers great peace of mind and relief, which is a huge plus for Titan.

  • Powerful and Accurate
  • Lightweight and Narrow
  • Modern features and enhancements
  • Limited package
  • Accessories need to be bought


The Titan SS package does not include a rope-cocking device or bolts. Please purchase these items if you don’t have any, as they are necessary for hunting or target shooting. 

Unfortunately, you can only use the Omni-nock arrows with TenPoint crossbows, so you’ll have to buy the TenPoint arrows that meet this requirement. The arrows themselves are quite good, so there is no need to worry.

There are two rope-cocking devices: the ACUdraw, and the ACUdraw 50. We recommend the ACUdraw, as the ACUDraw 50 has a lot of low customer reviews. The ACUdraw is a patent-protected cranking system that reduces the draw weight, just like any rope cocking device. The ACUdraw 50 is an advanced version that offers several unique benefits. 

First, it is completely integrated into the stock of your weapon and thus implies there is nothing left to dangle around and risk causing harm. Once you are drawn, it retracts the rope into the stock until the next time you use it.

Wicked Ridge ACU-52 Crossbow Cocking Mechanism (WRA052)
  • Sleek, integrated, self-retracting rope cocking system which REDUCES THE DRAW WEIGHT by 50 percent while drawing the bow...
  • Powerful mini-magnets hold the handles SECURELY AND QUIETLY in place when not in use
  • Easy installation. Can only be mounted on the following Wicked Ridge crossbow models: Invader, Invader HP, Invader G3,...
TenPoint Crossbows 20" Pro Elite Carbon Crossbow Arrows (6 Pack)...
  • SPECIFICATIONS: 20-inches long, 22/64-inch diameter, 425 grain standard weight (includes 100 grain practice tip),...
  • Shot-after-shot ACCURACY and premium CONSISTENCY from bolt to bolt
  • Fitted with a 68-GRAIN ALUMINUM INSERT and TenPoint’s NEON YELLOW SUPERBRITE OMNI-NOCK which feature six micro-grooves...


The Titan SS is quite a remarkable masterpiece, a device that any whitetail hunter will enjoy possessing and taking on an expedition. However, its greatest weakness lies in the fact that in a bid to keep the price point appealing, it has taken out almost all of the facilities that make a crossbow worthwhile. 

While the ACUdraw feature is extremely cool, the 3x scope very helpful, and the Pro Elite Carbon arrows quite exciting to use, all of these are featured as add-ons and bring the price to a level way above the bargain that might have drawn a buyer to it in the first place. 

However, there is always the option of opting for more affordable accessories in the market if your budget will not allow you to enjoy these top-of-the-range add-ons from the manufacturer’s line.

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