Is The SA Sports Fever Best For 2023? Our Review

The SA Sports Fever is an entry-level crossbow which offers a fair price point in exchange for relatively good performance. It comes loaded with most essentials for primary whitetail hunting and has been rated an excellent choice for beginners.

Let us examine it now.

Our Top Pick
SA Sports Fever

SA Sports Fever – Crossbow


  • Velocity: 240 fps
  • Draw Weight: 175 lbs
  • Length: 32″
  • Crossbow Weight: 4.2 lbs
  • Power Stroke: 10.25″

If you’re looking for a lighter crossbow that offers an excellent entry-level experience, the SA Sports Fever is a strong alternative.

Qucik Summary

What’s Included In Package

  • SA Sports Fever Gear
  • Quick-detach quiver
  • 4 16” Aluminum arrows
  • 4×32 Multi-range Scope
  • Padded Shoulder Sling
  • Rope Cocking Device
  • Assembly hardware and tools
  • Warranty Card

SA Sports Fever Crossbow Detailed Review:

SA Sports Fever Review


This entry-level bow fires bolts at about 240fps resulting in about 50 FPKE. While more power is needed to take out any big game, it can still perform exceptionally well on smaller targets. At close range, it might even take down a deer. This is quite surprising considering its price range, as most other bows within this range lag far behind in terms of power and speed.

The power limits its use to within about 30 yards if you want to maintain accuracy and reasonable shot groupings. Beyond this point, there is a massive increase in the downward trend on arrows, resulting in less accuracy and speed.

User Comfort

The SA Sports Fever package contains almost everything you need to go out into the field. It includes a scope, shoulder sling, four 16″ arrows, a quiver and a rope cocking device. The crossbow is easy to assemble; even beginners should have it ready in less than 15 minutes.

Beginners should follow the manual that comes in the package and string it properly. It can help if you watch YouTube videos. It is one of the easiest bows to cock by being a recurve, even though the draw length is 175 lbs.

One of the major strong points of this bow is the fact that it only weighs about 4.8 lbs, making it suitable for use by smaller build or younger archers. You can carry it around all day without getting fatigued, and this is a big plus for hunters who enjoy unrushed sessions. The ergonomic shoulder sling makes it all the easier.

Its limb is constructed using fibreglass, contributing significantly to its low weight. It also has a slight swell on the forearm meant to enhance the grip making it comfortable to handle. Unlike most other lightweight bows, the Ferver is rather stable and remains decently steady when shooting.

SA Sports Fever Downsides

Its design is, however, not perfect and results in a few challenges. First, the trigger pull is long and does not break when you expect it to. This is largely due to it being almost double the regular trigger weight, around 7 lbs. This means that if you’re accustomed to a more efficient trigger system, this will completely throw you off. One thing that might help with this is lubricating the trigger, but unfortunately, it might always feel a little creep-heavy.

Another issue with the SA Sports Fever is that the four arrows in the package could be of better quality. They break easily on impact and could therefore fail to last you through the sighting process. Interestingly, using better quality arrows makes quite a remarkable improvement in the bow’s performance, including speeds higher than 240fps. Check out our AddOn section for more information.

Noise Suppression

Even though the Fever has no suppression mechanism in the package, this is not an issue because the bow is naturally quiet. Its relatively low power does not result in much energy or vibration, so there are no deafening noises.

The only sound emanating from the weapon is the safety kicking in when the bow is drawn. It might startle some games when you are very close to them, but it is not too loud to cause any serious concern.

Quality of Optics

The optics quality is superb, with a standard 4×32 multi-reticle scope. It is designed for clarity and has an anti-fog coating making it suitable for use even during cold foggy weather. It does not feature illumination or another low-light capability, meaning the scope is best for daytime hunting expeditions.

However, the biggest problem I’m having while testing with the Fever arises from its rail not allowing for a steady fix of the scope. This means that however hard you try, the scope remains shaky, making it almost impossible to rely on the scope for accuracy.

It also means that you might have to keep adjusting your sighting because the constant movement implies that it cannot hold zero for very long. This is quite a nuisance when you want to do some serious hunting.


This bow features an ambidextrous safety system that kicks in quickly and a highly reliable anti-dry fire system. This makes it reliable for use even by beginners in archery, as it is rather hard to fire off accidental shots on this weapon.


The Sports Fever is not the hardiest crossbow on the market and only features a 1-year warranty. This should come as no surprise, considering the price point. It will, however, give you a good enough service during that period, allowing you to perfect your archery skills. It should see you to the point where you can now invest in a serious crossbow for better hunting expeditions.

It is important to remember that the life of your bow largely depends on how well it is maintained. The fact that the Fever has a recurve crossbow makes it much easier to keep in tip-top conditions as there are not too many moving parts. You, however, need to wax the string frequently, after between five and seven shots, to keep friction to a minimum and enhance performance.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • All-in-one package
  • Value for the Money
  • Inaccuracy & Low Power
  • Poor trigger system
  • No crank-cocking device or bow stinger
Assembling The SA Sports Fever Crossbow Step-By-Step Guide


Remember to order good quality arrows when buying this crossbow because the ones included will only do you a little good, even for target practice. The manufacturer recommends either 20” carbon or 16” aluminium.

If you only want to confine your activity to the backyard range, then go for the aluminium option; otherwise, any kind of hunting with the bow will be much better carried out with the carbon arrows.

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Not every day, you find an entry-level crossbow that offers this amount of decency in terms of performance. It might not be the most remarkable bow, but it will do for beginners and also as a backup for pros in emergency cases. The best part is that the package is all-inclusive, and you won’t need much else. It can down small games, and with the right arrow, it can provide a significant improvement compared to the ones included in the package. 

It is light and portable and comes with a good scope; only fixing it comes with challenges. Therefore, the SA Sports Fever is a decent weapon giving enough value in relation to its price point. But it is only an initial purchase to help you get acquainted with the art as you save up for a more versatile option.

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