Mission SUB-1 XR – Review

Your hunting mission may become easier after using the solid and powerful crossbow, which will directly hunt the target. A hunter prefers to get a well-balanced, supremely accurate, and sturdily-built crossbow. Since there is a wide variety of crossbows in the market, it becomes baffling to find the correct crossbow for the successful hunting delegation.

In this article, I have introduced the most demanding crossbow, which is powerful enough to target and shoot the object precisely. The mission SUB-1 XR is highly adjustable and designed to fulfill the hunter’s dreams. It offers the best shooting experience to the user and can handle laborious hunting. Read the article to know more about Mission SUB-1 XR sizzling features and outstanding performance.

Our Top Pick
Mission SUB-1 XR

Mission SUB-1 XR – Crossbow


  • Velocity: 410 fps
  • Draw Weight: 250 lbs
  • Length: 30.5
  • Weight: 7.6 lbs
  • Power Stroke: 14.25

The SUB-1 XR arrows at impressive speeds, and the step-through riser design creates a balance that is easy to handle. With all the features and performance built into SUB-1 XR, The Mission SUB-1 XR is powerful enough to kill big animals.

Mathew Mission Crossbows

Mission Archery Crossbow

Mission crossbow brand has been known and famous for over 50 years and is highly notable because of its high standard of quality and design experience. The mission crossbow brand makes the best and strongest crossbows.

It makes innovative designs that are highly competitive and high in productivity. The vigorous testing of the mission crossbow ensures that the hunter gets an amazing hunting experience.

Mission Sub-1 XR Specs

  • Length: 30.5 inches
  • Width: (axle-to-axle): 9.1 inches cocked, 12.5 inches uncocked
  • Arrow speed: (up to) 410 feet per second
  • Physical weight: 7.6 pounds
  • Trigger pull: 3 pounds
  • Powerstroke: 14.625 inches
  • Finish: black or Realtree Edge camo

What’s Included In the Package

The Mission SUB-1 XR comes in appropriate packaging, which compensates the hunters in all possible ways. The Mission SUB-1 XR package includes a compact frame, making the crossbow stiff and strong. Also, the kit comprises 3 arrows, which are highly sharp and strong to kill the target. It also consists of bolts, which are quite simple to install and highly reliable. The package also includes a versatile quiver, which provides convertible mounts.

Mission SUB-1 XR Detailed Review:

Mission SUB-1 XR Review

Crossbows are an amazing piece of equipment that you can use for hunting, as is known because of their great triggering accuracy and compact design. The Mission SUB-1 XR is known among many other crossbows because of its innovative technology and highly specialized features. The Mission SUB-1 XR has better performance and shoots accurately, even from a long distance. Well, here I have discussed the important features of Mission SUB-1 XR to make your choice uncomplicated.

The Mission SUB-1 XR is available in a suitable size, which makes it super easy for the hunter to take from place to place. It is strongly constructed and provides efficient results. The best thing about Mission SUB-1 XR is its durability and reliability. The durable crossbow provides great balance and gripping so that the hunter does not lose focus during hunting.

  • Upto 410 FPS
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful and accurate
  • None

First Impression

Sub - 1 XR First Impression

The first impression of Mission SUB-1 XR shows that it is quite powerful and highly fast. The shooting speed of this crossbow is simply amazing and accurate. The lightweight of Mission SUB-1 XR makes it easy for the hunter to carry it and use it for a longer period. The remarkable shooting accuracy attracts the hunters because it kills the target immediately without great struggle.

Field Test & Performance

Field testing is very important when the company develops any product. The Mission Brand vigorously tested the Mission SUB-1 XR crossbow and found it highly reliable. The Mission SUB-1 XR shows great hunting performance and accurate shooting experience. The Field test was done firstly on the balloon, and the shooting results were perfect.

User Comfort

The user finds it quite comfortable to use because of its good size. The Mission SUB-1 XR provides stability, which prevents pressure on the fingers and provides proper balance. When it comes to comfort then, this crossbow is the best to buy, which makes your shooting smooth.

Quality of Optics

The quality of optics of the Mission SUB-1 XR is highly clear. You can easily adjust the lens according to the shooting distance. The optical quality of the Mission SUB-1 XR is amazing, and it gives the best shooting experience to the hunter. The user can adjust the lens so they cannot miss their shooting target.

Design and Durability

Sub - 1 XR Design And Durability

The design of the Mission SUB-1 XR is superb. The compact frame of mission SUB-1 XR is of high quality. Its durability and compact design provide appropriate shooting and kill the target efficiently. The durability of this weapon makes sure that the hunter uses it for longer without worrying about buying the new one.


When it comes to safety, many people become aware of buying weapons. The Mission SUB-1 XR has great safety features and ensures that the hunter does not get hurt or injured during hunting. The proper gipping provides stability and balance to the hunter.

Hunting: What To Expect?

Sub - 1 XR Crossbow

You can expect an amazing hunting experience using the Mission SUB-1 XR. This crossbow will give precise shooting that will kill the target without missing it. The hunting expectations with Mission SUB-1 XR increase because of its high-quality performance and specifications.

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, the Mission crossbows are made by Mathews and come in proper packaging as well.

The Mission SUB-1 XR is the fastest, most powerful, and most demanding mission crossbow of the current time.

The best mission crossbow on the market is the Mission SUB-1, which is highly reliable and portable.


I hope that you have received detailed information about Mission SUB-1 XR. Now, you can buy Mission SUB-1 XR, so your hunting experience becomes even more thrilling. The Mission SUB-1 XR is powerful enough to kill big animals.

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