Barnett Wildcat C6 – A Compound Crossbow Review

Newbie archers who want to get a sturdy crossbow without having to spend a huge amount, the Barnett Wildcat C6 is an excellent investment for you.

If you want an informative perspective before committing to the model, we’ve outlined some of the features incorporated into its design in our in-depth review below.

Our Top Pick
Barnett Wildcat C6

Barnett Wildcat C6 – Crossbow


  • Velocity: 320 fps
  • Draw Weight: 125 lbs
  • Length: 35.75
  • Crossbow Weight: 7 lbs
  • Power Stroke: 13.5

The Barnett Wildcat C6 makes up for excellent noise suppression and durability. And it was fairly cheap!

What’s Included Wild C6 Package

Barnett Wildcat C6 Crossbow Package, Black
  • Crossbow package includes premium illuminated scope, 3 arrow lightweight Quiver, 3 20 inch
  • Shoots 320 FPS, 91 fpke at 140 pound draw weight
  • Lightweight composite Stock

Barnett Wildcat C6 Detailed Review

Barnett Wildcat C6 Review


The Barnett Wildcat C6 is a compound crossbow that delivers arrows at maximum speeds of 320 fps at 91 FPKE. This range is sufficient to bring down most small and medium-sized games. The crossbow uses 400-grain arrows, and the exact accuracy and power you get could vary depending on weather conditions and the quality of the arrow used. 

The Barnett Wildcat maintains reasonable accuracy for up to 30 yards, giving on average an 85 FPKE performance. This is commendable, considering its relatively low price point. Therefore, it is a perfect crossbow for backyard target shooting and low-scale hunting expeditions.

User Comfort

Barnett Wildcat C6 Package

The assembly process for this weapon is rather intuitive, but the guide provided ensures that you remain on the right track, including clear instructions and extensive illustrations to help you.

The design is rather minimalistic, and there is nothing flashy about its appearance. However, there is an impressive amount of attention to detail on a bunch of features that make this crossbow shine. For example, the stock contains a cheekpiece fitted in to allow for easy eye alignment to the scope.  Additionally, a thumbhole is meant to secure your hold when aiming to shoot.

The Barnett Wildcat C6 has a machined Picatinny rail for easy mounting and a magnesium riser (which is remarkably lightweight ), making it easy to maneuver the weapon. A finger reminder feature on the grip guides a novice user on the exact position to place her fingers to ensure maximized accuracy.

The trigger holds 3.5 lbs- which has always been considered the ultimate point of balance- to ensure that shots are not fired accidentally, but there also isn’t too much resistance. It, therefore, has a crisp release with just the perfect amount of creep.

The overall weight of this bow is only 7 lbs, and its axle-to-axle distance falls just under 18”. While this cannot beat the record for the smallest crossbow, it is still very convenient for taking shots from a confined space. The crossbow can be used from your favourite tree stand or the ground. The non-reflective black or camouflage colour options make it great to use both day and night.

Since the Wildcat C6 has a deficient draw weight, it can easily be cocked, even by hand. The manufacturer has still included a winch cocking device that makes the task extremely easy, so it’s suitable for younger people as well.

Even though the weight on the Barnett Wildcat is slightly more concentrated towards the front, the lightweight design makes it possible to take offhand shots at close ranges, particularly for more seasoned hunters. Even though the stock and foregrip are fixed (and therefore cannot be adjusted), they are still positioned so that any person with a standard height can comfortably handle it and take shots.

These two aspects would be more pronounced on a heavier model and most certainly impact performance. But thanks to the Barnett Wildcat’s compact and lightweight design, these disadvantages do not change much about its capabilities.

Noise Suppression

Even though the Barnett Wildcat’s safety mechanism always produces a small click when disengaged, it is not loud enough to be considered a problem. It would be difficult to start any game with it, and it’s considered a quiet crossbow.

One of the features that contribute to its low noise production, despite being a compound crossbow, is the very low draw weight on the device. It has almost no vibration and could comfortably fit into the category of stealth weapons if you attach suppressors to silence it completely.

Quality of Optics

This crossbow comes with two options for its scope. One is a non-illuminated multi-reticle 4×32 scope, which is better quality than one would expect from an entry-level model. For enhanced accuracy, the reticle has varying graduations to ensure you get your bolt right on target.

Even though the lines are not as bold as what you would find on a high-end model, they are very clear and make a big difference for longer-range shots. The scope works well to maximize light transmission, and its limitations only become evident when lighting is extremely low.

The second option is a red-dot sight scope. This one usually requires batteries but does not offer magnification capabilities. But it is highly accurate as your shots will be delivered right on the dot. Depending on your intended use for the bow and personal preference, you could choose either one because the choice does not affect the price.

Even though the multi-reticle is favoured by many users thanks to its magnification, consider the fact that the bow does not tackle long-range shots very well, and this feature may not be helpful. On the other hand, running out of batteries is a significant issue with the red dot, so you need to weigh the factors and make the best choice.


The design of the Wildcat C6 features flared guards on both sides of the stock, meant as a security feature to keep the hands and fingers away from the rail and prevent potential harm. It also comes with the standard anti-dry fire mechanism and automatic safety that engages or disengages depending on arrow placement. The design’s pass-through foregrip and its ergonomic bow shape make it easy to handle and reduce the chances of an injury-causing incident.


The design of this bow takes such care to avoid accidental damage that it is bound to serve you for a long time. As long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for replacement bolts and maintenance procedures, it will be quite a while before you start to think of a replacement. The 5-year warranty is quite a plus for the crossbow considering its price point.


As usual, Carbon Express is the way to go! Barnett provides three 20” carbon arrows with the device, and we urge you to buy a few more so they don’t run out quickly. We found their arrows superior to Barnett’s own. 

Furthermore, even though the Wildcat C6 is relatively easy to draw, it could be a good idea to invest in a proper rope cocking device to replace its winch cocker. This will ensure that the string is secured evenly, ensuring accuracy and durability.

Barnett Crossbow Rope Cocking Device
  • BARNETT ROPE COCKING DEVICE FOR CROSSBOW: This tool is made to simplify cocking any crossbow by decreasing the cocking...
  • ACCURACY: Ensures bow is evenly cocked for maximum accuracy
  • ADJUSTABLE: Rope cocking device be adjusted to fit both the crossbow and the user
Carbon Express PileDriver 20-Inch Fletched Carbon Crossbolt with...
  • BONE-CRUSHING PENETRATION - Heavy grain weight creates maximum kinetic energy and greater knock-down power
  • ADVANCED CONSTRUCTION - Ensures spine consistency for greater accuracy. The composite material is extremely durable at...
  • REAL STRAIGHTNESS - Precision sorted for straightness to +/- 0.004", for repeat maximum consistency


The overall performance of the Barnett Wildcat C6 is rather impressive, considering its price point. Apart from the power limitation, the crossbow is fitted with most of the things required for someone starting a life of hunting.

The functionality of the bow is way above its price, and above all else, it gets the job well done. It is a good bargain considering that anything from the size of deer and below is effectively taken out. It is also a highly user-friendly piece providing features that any beginner and even advanced user would appreciate.

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