Best Crossbow Accessories (Every Hunter Needs For Preparing New Hunt

If you’re a crossbow hunter, you know that having the right accessories can greatly enhance your hunting experience. The Best Crossbow Accessories make your crossbow more efficient, accurate, and comfortable. 

I’ve been using the crossbow for a long time. I used it for hunting and playing, and still, it’s in good cognition. All credit goes to my crossbow accessories. Each accessory is crucial, from scopes for precise aiming to noise-dampening kits for stealthier shots. 

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of crossbow accessories, their work, and why they’re important for beginners and expert hunters. Let’s analyze the best accessories and discover how they can extend your hunting enjoyment.

Crossbow Accessories

Essential Accessories for Crossbow (Quick List)

  1. Crossbow Scope
  2. Crossbow Bolts
  3. Crossbow Broadheads
  4. Crossbow Target
  5. Cocking Device
  6. Crossbow Quiver
  7. Crossbow Sling
  8. Crossbow Stand/Holder
  9. Crossbow Case
  10. Arrow Puller
  11. Field Points
  12. Wind Gauges

What Are Crossbow Accessories?

Crossbow accessories are extra things you can add to a crossbow to make it better. They help with aiming, shooting, and taking care of the crossbow. A scope is a common accessory that helps you see far targets. Quivers hold your arrows so you can shoot quickly. Cocking devices make it easier to pull back the crossbow string

Some accessories, like dampeners, reduce noise when you shoot. These things can improve your accuracy and make using a crossbow more enjoyable.

The Best Crossbow Accessories For Your Hunting Adventure

1. Crossbow Scope

Crossbow Scopes and Optics

Do you love shooting from long distances? If yes, then how could you skip crossbow scope in your game? A crossbow scope is a sighting tool for aiming accurately. It’s like binoculars with marks to help you aim better. Looking through the scope, you see the target closer and clearer. The marks show where your bolt will go. 

Scopes are vital for accurate long-distance shots. They help you hit your target precisely, making hunting or target shooting more successful. Crossbow packages often come with low-quality scopes; if that’s the case, you can get a separate crossbow scope to make your hunting experience better!

My Experience with crossbow scope: The scope helps me in making accurate shots. A crossbow scope is like a special telescope for aiming. You peer through it to see your target. I relied on the Crossbow Scope throughout my hunting journey, and its impact on my experience was truly remarkable.

With its clear magnification and precise aiming marks, I took long-distance shots more confidently. Thanks to the illuminated reticle feature, I could easily spot my target, even in low-light conditions. The scope’s ease of use and accurate adjustments allowed me to fine-tune my shots.

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Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7x32 Second Focal Plane Crossbow Scope...
  • From first to last light, this 2-7x32 Crossfire II Crossbow Scope Kit (scope, 30mm rings, flip caps and neoprene cover)...
  • The XBR-2 reticle is specifically designed for crossbows for a 40-yard zero and fast, accurate holdovers from 20-100...
  • The magnification and FPS on the magnifier ring keep the scope compatible with a variety of bows and setups, and a wide...

2. Crossbow Bolts

Use the Straightest Bolt for Deer hunt

Crossbow bolts are the short arrows you use with your crossbow. They’re like arrows but smaller. Made from carbon fiber or aluminum materials, they’re designed to fly accurately. They’re essential for accurate shooting and hunting; choosing a high-quality bolt is necessary, ensuring your crossbow performs effectively and accurately hits your target.

My Experience with crossbow bolt: Using Crossbow Bolts has been a game-changer in my hunting pursuits. Their accurate flight and sturdy construction ensured my shots hit the mark consistently. Choosing between field points and broadheads allowed me to tailor my setup to different hunting scenarios. I felt more confident and equipped for various hunting challenges with Crossbow Bolts.

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TenPoint EVO-X Non-Lighted CenterPunch - 20" Carbon Crossbow Arrows,...
  • DESIGN: CenterPunch 20-inch arrow is fletched slightly offset and is fitted with an 84-grain insert
  • CONSTRUCTION: Modulus carbon fiber at 33 MSI, LAZER-TECH carbon and 3-inch Bohning X Vanes
  • ALPHA-NOCK TECHNOLOGY: Fitted with TenPoint’s NEW Alpha-Nock for 28% increased string-to-nock engagement

3. Crossbow Broadheads

Best Broadheads For Crossbow

Crossbow broadheads are sharp tips attached to the end of a crossbow bolt. This crossbow stuff is designed to cut through animals like deer and turkey for effective hunting. Unlike practice field points, broadheads are made to ensure a swift takedown of animals. 

They come in two types:

  • Mechanical Crossbow Broadhead: The mechanical Crossbow Broadhead is the one that expands and opens for speedy and efficient cutting.
  • Fixed Crossbow Broadhead: Fixed crossbow broadheads do not change their size and remain the same. These are the razor-sharp blades.

My Experience with Broadhead: Crossbow Broadheads have transformed my hunting results. Their sharp cutting edges ensured quick and ethical takedowns of my targets. I appreciated the choice between fixed and mechanical blades for different situations. With Crossbow Broadheads, I felt more in control of my shots and confident in my ability to make clean kills.

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New Archery Products Spitfire Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead 3 Blade 1...
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE - The NAP's Spitfire front-deploying mechanical broadhead for crossbow hunting delivers reliable...
  • ULTIMATE ACCURACY - This NAP's Spitfire 3-Blade Crossbow Broadhead features Micro Grooved Slimline Ferrule; This ferrule...
  • EFFICIENCY - The Spitfire Broadhead from NAP performs better than any other mechanical broadhead thanks to our...
G 5 Outdoors Montec 1-Inch Cut Broadheads (3-Pack), 85 Grain
  • The blade angle is designed to allow for repeated maximum penetration and devastation.
  • One-Piece Metal Injection Molding Construction, with no parts needed to replace or maintain. This broadhead is easy and...
  • Due to the strong tapered blade design's and angle it allows the Montec to be easily re-sharpened.

4. Crossbow Target

Best Crossbow Targets

A crossbow target is a specialized target designed for crossbow shooting practice. Unlike regular archery targets, crossbow targets are denser to handle crossbow bolts’ higher speeds and energy. 

They come in different types, such as:

  • Bag targets: Bag targets are affordable and suited for field points.
  • Foam block targets: Foam block targets work with both field points and broadheads.
  • 3-D targets: 3-D targets are designed for practicing or competing, some specifically for broadhead practice.

My Experience with targets: The Crossbow Target became my training companion. It gripped bolts and maintained its form, even with high-speed shots. Targeting different zones improved my accuracy and helped me estimate my skills. Using a Crossbow Target consistently sharpened my shooting abilities. It has become a crucial part of my practice routine.

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Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS Cube Field Point Archery Bag Target,...
  • Large Archery Block: Field point archery target bag with graphics gives this target easy visibility for target practice;...
  • Easier Practice Sessions: 5 traditional bullseyes, nine-ball bullseyes, dartboard game, and deer vitals for training...
  • Durable Construction: Powerful construction withstands blows from crossbows, compound bows, and air bows, stopping up to...

5. Cocking Device

Cocking Device

A cocking device is a tool used with crossbows. It helps hunters to pull back the crossbow string, making it ready to shoot. It can be a hand-operated winch or a rope. With a hand-operated winch, you turn a crank to cock the crossbow. It is especially useful for high-powered crossbows. Many hunters are seen using a cocking device instead of manually cocking their crossbows.

My Experience with cocking device: The Cocking Device has revolutionized my crossbow preparation. Its hand-crank mechanism made cocking effortless, even with high draw weight. I no longer struggled, ensuring consistent and accurate shots every time. The Cocking Device has become my essential tool for a smoother and more enjoyable hunting experience.

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TenPoint ACUrope - Portable, Retractable Crossbow Cocking Device - Not...
  • USER-FRIENDLY - The patented ACUrope is a lightweight, portable, retractable crossbow rope-cocker that draws the bow...
  • COMPACT & CONVENIENT - When the bow is cocked, the ACUrope’s draw cord completely retracts inside one of the two...
  • STRONG, SLENDER DRAW CORDS - The unit’s draw cords are, pound-for-pound, 15-times stronger than steel, and made of...

6. Crossbow Quiver


A crossbow quiver is a necessary accessory for holding bolts. It can attach to your crossbow or belt. The quiver keeps your bolts secure and easily accessible while hunting or shooting. You can quickly grab a bolt from the quiver when you need to shoot.

Moreover, it depends on you where you want to hold your quiver, there are two options available: either keeping it in your belt or directly on your crossbow.

My Experience with crossbow quiver: The Crossbow Quiver has been a reliable companion in my hunts. It keeps my bolts easily accessible, allowing quick reloading and smooth shots. With the quiver attached, I’m always ready and made it an essential accessory that adds convenience and efficiency to my hunting struggles.

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TRUGLO Tuff-Loc 4-Arrow Black Quiver (TG344B)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE - The TruGlo TUFF-LOC is an ultra-lightweight composite quiver that weights less than 7 oz; It can...
  • VIBRATION-FREE - This hunting bow quiver is vibration absorbing which ensures the arrows remain steady and quiet even...
  • FOUR ARROW CAPACITY - With its capacity to hold 4 arrows, this quiver ensures you have an ample supply of ammunition...

7. Crossbow Sling

Best Crossbow Slings

A crossbow sling is a necessary accessory for carrying your crossbow. It’s like a strap that goes over your shoulder. You can free your hands with a sling while your crossbow hangs comfortably. It is helpful when doing other tasks, like using binoculars or climbing obstacles.

My Experience with sling: The Crossbow Sling has been a lifesaver during my hunts. It frees up my hands while securely carrying the crossbow. Whether climbing or taking a break, my crossbow stays within easy reach. The sling’s convenience and comfort have become essential to my hunting gear.

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8. Crossbow Stand/Holder

CenterPoint Wrath 430 Review

A crossbow stand or holder is a tool to keep your crossbow safe when not in use. It supports your crossbow in an upright position. These stands are made from metal, plastic, or wood. They’re useful at the range or home.

My Experience with crossbow stand: The Crossbow Stand/Holder proved to be a game-changer in my hunting setup. It kept my crossbow secure and prepared as I navigated the terrain. The stand’s dependability and convenience became vital for my past hunting journeys.

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SWAGGER QD42 Quick Detach Bipod for Shotgun - Compact & Lightweight...
  • VERSATILE SHOOTING SYSTEM: The Swagger QD42 is a hybrid quick detach system, using Quick Adapt Technology for various...
  • ADJUSTABLE & COMPACT: With an effective range of 14" to 42" and a weight of just 15oz, this bipod is both lightweight...
  • ENHANCED STABILITY: Equipped with a removable rubber foot that reveals a spiked foot, the QD42 is great for digging into...

9. Crossbow Case

Best Crossbow Cases

A crossbow case is a protective bag for carrying and storing your crossbow. It shields the crossbow from damage during transport and prevents optics from shifting. A good case also holds your crossbow’s accessories. Look for a case with soft padding and a zipper for easy access.

Moreover, crossbow cases provide protection and a soft internal covering to protect your optical instrument from damage. I suggest you invest a little more and get the crossbow case which consists of accessories too. Some cases have space for your accessories too.

My Experince with crossbow case: The Crossbow Case was a trusty safeguard for my gear. It shielded my crossbow from damage and kept optics aligned during travel. With ample space for accessories, it organized my hunting fans. The case’s durability and convenience made it an essential asset in my hunting travels.

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10. Arrow Puller

Arrow Pullers

An arrow puller is a necessary tool for crossbow users. It helps remove bolts safely from targets or the ground. Using it prevents damage to the arrow shaft. The puller lets you grip the bolt securely and remove it easily, minimizing the risk of harming the bolt.

My Experince with puller: The Arrow Puller proved its worth during my hunts. It helped remove bolts without harming them or straining my hands. I could extract bolts from targets and the ground with a secure grip and minimal effort. It saved my time and maintained the directions of my arrows.

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Double D’s Magnum Grip Arrow Puller and Crossbow Bolt Puller -...
  • PULLS ARROWS WITH EASE – The Magnum Grip Arrow Puller by Double D’s Archery will remove ALL arrow sizes from ANY...
  • OUTPERFORMS ANY MOLDED RUBBER ARROW PULLER – Manufactured in the USA using aircraft aluminum and stainless-steel...
  • IMPROVES SHOOTING SKILLS – Allows you to practice more by reducing shoulder fatigue caused by retrieving those...

10. Field Points

Field Points For Practice

Field points are practice tips for crossbow bolts. They have the same weight as broadheads but lack the cutting edges. They are used during training and sighting. Using broadheads can dull them when practicing, so field points are used to avoid damage.

My Experince with field point: Field Points became vital in my hunts. They allowed safe practice and accurate shots during the sighting. Swapping them for broadheads preserved their sharpness. Their consistent weight and flight path improved my shooting skills. I can say that Field Points are an essential tool for honing accuracy in various hunting situations.

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Allen Archery Bullet Points for Target Practice, 5/16", 100 Grain,...
  • 5/16" diameter, 100 grain
  • Perfect for target practice in cardboard and foam targets
  • The bullet point's shape makes it easier to pull your arrows

12. Wind Gauges

Wind gauges are tools that measure the speed and direction of the wind. They help people understand the wind’s effect on shooting, hunting, or flying activities. Wind gauges come in different types, such as anemometers, windsocks, and wind vanes.

My Experince with wind meter: Wind Gauges have greatly improved my shooting accuracy. Measuring wind speed and direction, they help me make precise adjustments for challenging conditions. Using Wind Gauges has enhanced my hunting success in various outdoor outlines.

Pro-tip: If you don’t know which one you choose / which right for me! You can definitely see this!

Kestrel 3000 Pocket Weather Meter / Heat Stress Monitor
  • Accurate, rugged handheld weather and heat index meter with large, replaceable impeller, responsive temperature sensor...
  • Measures heat stress index, relative humidity, dew point temperature, wind chill, air/water/snow temperature,...
  • Waterproof (IP-67), floats, drop-tested to military standards (MIL-STD-810G), patented

Optional Crossbow Accessories You Can Use

Adding optional accessories to your crossbow may not be essential, but they can greatly aid hunting or usage. While optional, you may want them in the future. They include:

  1. Illuminated Reticles
  2. Noise Dampening Kit
  3. String Wax & Conditioner
  4. Rail & Trigger Lube
  5. Shoulder Harness
  6. Stock Extension
  7. Discharge Target
1. Illuminated Reticles

Illuminated reticles are aiming marks in scopes that light up. They help you aim better in low light. When you look through the scope, you see these lit-up marks. They contrast with the background, making aiming easier in dim conditions. It is useful for hunting during dawn, dusk, or dark environments.

2. Noise Dampening Kit

A noise-dampening kit is a set of accessories that reduces the sound produced by a crossbow. It includes materials like dampeners, pads, and wraps. 

These components are applied to the crossbow’s limbs, string, and foot stirrup. They absorb vibrations and decrease noise when the crossbow is fired.

3. String Wax & Conditioner

String wax and conditioner are products for maintaining a crossbow’s string. They’re used to keep the string in good condition. The wax prevents the string from wearing out quickly. It’s important to use wax specifically made for crossbows to avoid issues. 

Applying the wax and conditioner helps preserve the string’s performance and prolong its lifespan.

4. Rail & Trigger Lube

Rail and trigger lube are products for caring for your crossbow. They’re used to keep the rail (where the bolt moves) and trigger (which releases the bolt) in good condition. It’s crucial to use lubes designed for crossbows to avoid damage.

5. Shoulder Harness

A shoulder harness is a device for carrying your crossbow. It’s like a strap you wear over your shoulder. The harness supports the crossbow’s weight, making it easier to carry. It also keeps your hands free. You attach the crossbow to the harness, which prevents fatigue while walking or hiking.

6. Stock Extension

A stock extension is an excellent crossbow gear that adds length to the stock of a crossbow. The stock is the part you hold against your shoulder when shooting. 

The extension is placed at the back of the stock. It helps people with longer arms or those who need a more comfortable fit. Attaching the extension makes the crossbow better suited to the shooter’s body.

7. Discharge Target

A discharge target is a specific target to safely release a crossbow’s energy. It’s vital after hunting. You fire the crossbow into the discharge target by swapping a sharp broadhead for a field point. It discharges the energy without danger. It ensures no accidents occur during unloading.

Why Crossbow Accessories So Important?

Crossbow Hunting Tips

Crossbow accessories play a big role in making crossbow shooting effective. They enhance your accuracy and overall experience. Each accessory has its own function that adds extra value to the crossbow’s functionality. 

Moreover, these accessories contribute to a quieter shot. Noise dampeners help maintain stealth, which is crucial for hunting or tactical situations. 

In short, these additions enhance your skill and enjoyment while using a crossbow. They turn a basic crossbow into a more precise and efficient tool, making them a significant part of the crossbow world.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different types of accessories that you can use with your crossbows. Some are essential to make and enhance your cross-pose efficiency, whereas some are optional.

As mentioned earlier, the article contains many accessories and descriptions of each, so you can select the accessory that will enhance your crossbow functioning.

You can choose from various crossbow accessories, including bolts, broadheads, quivers, slings, stands, and holders.

Choosing the essential accessories before moving on to optional ones for a more professional and adventurous crossbow hunting experience is best.

Barnett Jackal are known for their durability and efficiency. The accessories you select for the Barnett jackal crossbow should also be of high quality and efficient performance.

Because when they both combine, they will give you more fruit and multiply your hunting adventure.

Wrap Up!

Crossbow hunting accessories are effective tools contributing to a successful and enjoyable hunting journey. These tools are essential for every crossbow lover, from enhancing accuracy to ensuring safety. 

Whether a novice or a seasoned hunter, these best crossbow accessories can significantly impact your experience. 

As you explore the wide range of options, remember to choose accessories that align with your hunting style and preferences. 

With the right combination of crossbow accessories, you’ll be ready to take on any hunting challenge and make the most of your crossbow adventures.

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