Best Bows in Skyrim & How to Get Them

For a good win, the weapons of the game should be praiseworthy. That stirs the need to find the best bow for winning Skyrim’s crown. Well, Skyrim encompasses weapons of every type that are valuable and provide rewarding outcomes.

Bows are the powerful weapons in Skyrim that provide perfect long-distance shots. Getting your hands on a top-featured bow is amazingly simple. Here are the 7 best Skyrim bows that one can get effortlessly.

Best Bows in Skyrim & How to Get Them

The Best Bows in Skyrim For Stealth and Power

Skyrim consists of various bows that are best to use and uniquely built. The bows in Skyrim are specific for a particular use. Some are for dealing with rivals, while others specifically target animals. To know which of them is the finest to select that you can take full advantage of, then keep reading the list below.

1. Daedric Bow

Daedric Bow
  • Damage: 19
  • Location: Found In Dungeons And Sold By Merchants

The Daedric bow is one of the special bows that one can get in Skyrim. It provides a rare experience that a player can get. This bow is located in dungeons and can be sold by merchants. If we talk about its quality, then it is terrific. The outlook of this item is quite alluring and provides a fair experience.

This bow bargains the 19 damage because several spikes are present over its body. This bow can also be spotted in loot in chests by chance. The overall appearance of the bow has curves but smooth and synthetic rims. A glowing red lattice provides an attractive look to the bow.

2. Stalhrim Bow

Stalhrim Bow
  • Damage: 17
  • Location: Crafted With Stalhrim

The Stalhrim bow is another powerful weapon in Skyrim, as it looks good. In terms of damage, this bow is unambiguously perfect. This bow appears blue and glowing, but locating this bow is quite challenging. The player needs to craft the blacksmith to obtain this Skyrim bow.

It does 17 damage, due to which it becomes the most incredible arrow in Skyrim. One can find this bow by crafting the ironsmith. The 25% powerful enchantments are being crafted from this stalhrim bow. The damages of this bow are exact and accurate.

3. Bow of the Hunt

Bow of the Hunt
  • Damage: 10
  • Location: On An Altar In Clearspring Tarn

Bow of the Hunt is specified for hurting the animals and is considered the best bow in Skyrim. Animals usually appear in the game and are commonly observable. To tackle and target animals, a player needs the best bow to bear danger. For certain situations, the bow of the hunt appears the most comfortable to use.

This handy weapon can be found easily in a Clear spring tarn. It deals with the ten damages, and a player is favored with 20 extra points after killing the animal. The perks of getting the extra 20 points make the player use this bow willingly.

4. Nightingale Bow

Nightingale Bow
  • Damage: 19
  • Location: Quest Reward For Completing “Blindsighted”

The productiveness and uniqueness of this bow make it special to acquire. Its high quality causes a high level of damage. The rate of damage it deals with is 12-19, and it can be spotted in Thieves Guild quest. The Skyrim bow followers get this bow at a maximum level (of 46).

With the best Skyrim Nightingale bow, the feeling of great pleasure occurs when it freezes the target before a shot. So the forceful enchantment and applying the shock damage to the target provides a mind-blowing output. It provides a great shock to the target before the shooting.

5. Ebony Bow

Ebony Bow
  • Damage: 17
  • Location: Found In Dungeons And Sold By Merchants

Ebony bow comes with the glass entry in Skyrim with the best bow DPS of about 9.5. The glass bow causes less damage but fires more rapidly. The speed of its fire is jaw-dropping and beyond belief. If you want to reposition the shots or target the long distant objects and sneak, then this is the best bow to opt for.

You can obtain this bow at level 18, which deals with 17 damages. The player can get this bow sold by the merchant at level 36. It can also be found randomly at blacksmiths and good merchants. In Skyrim, the enchanted bows can also be launched at level 37.

6. Auriel’s Bow

Auriel’s Bow
  • Damage: 13
  • Location: Obtained At The End Of The “Touching The Sky” Quest

Facing the Draugr, who refuses to go down, is really irritating. Defeating such an enemy and winning the battle provides a satisfactory feeling. The Auriel’s Bow is the best to target the enemy, which creates a frustrating environment. It causes significant damage and enchantment to see the undead enemy like that.

Auriel’s bow is the best to deal with the enemy that comes on the way, and it can be found in the Dawnguard quest. Players can slink and provide damage to the undead creatures almost nine times. Most of the damages are being made with this bow rather than the others.

7. Dwarven Black Bow of Fate

Dwarven Black Bow of Fate
  • Damage: 13
  • Location: Found In The Southeast Room Of Kagrumez

The Dwarven Black Bow of Fate is RNG-based, and once it activates, it provides fantastic rewards. Each shot of this black bow enhances a 50% chance of captivating stamina, health, and power. Each trait has almost a 50% chance so that a player can get all of them, maybe one or none.

In an extended fight, the Dwarven black bow deals with high damage (13) by keeping the appropriate statistics. The location to find this bow is within Kagrumez, which can be approached by gathering Resonance Gems. This bow appears black, and a somewhat orange glow emerges at its marking.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best bow in Skyrim is the one that provides a long-distance shot and offers excellent damage to the animals. The best bow provides a good amount of damage and DPS. The bow in Skyrim is the strongest weapon that one can use to win effortlessly.

Many bows are powerful and provide unbelievable results. But the most potent bows are Auriel’s bow, Daedric bow, and Nightingale’s bow. These bows are the most effective ones that a player wants to win the game readily.

The nightingale gale is the best bow in Skyrim, which a player can get in the inner Sanctum after defeating Arch-Curate Vyrthur. This can be found in the Dawnguard quest and depends on the player’s potential to play.

The most challenging item to obtain in Skyrim is the Daedric Armor, which leaves the enemy dead in a shot.

The bow is a unique and powerful weapon in Skyrim. It can easily deal with the enemies and the animals that come in the way.


To win the battle satisfactorily by facing all the challenges confidently requires the best bow. In Skyrim, the bow is the special weapon that provides the best results and good wins. You have the best bows to deal with the enemy and face the animals. You can win the game by getting the elite bows for smooth success!

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