The 5 Best Excalibur Crossbows For Hunting – Reviews

Excalibur has been renowned for 30 years and is working in the field of crossbows making highly durable and quality products. No doubt the brand demands a large amount of money, but the features and quality of the product are definitely worth your money. Excalibur is famous for putting recurve technology in its crossbows. No doubt, this feature gives your crossbows outstanding accuracy and efficiency.

Moreover, the company always keeps in mind to manufacture more straightforward and more durable products to make sure everyone can handle and use the product conveniently. We disclose the 5 best Excalibur crossbow for hunting to make your experience adventurous, entertaining, and efficient. Stay with us with all of your focus to take maximum advantage of this article.

Best Excalibur Crossbow For Deer Hunting

Top Excalibur Crossbows of 2023: Expert Picks

Excalibur GRZ 2 Crossbow
Excalibur GRZ 2 Crossbow
  • Speed Upto: 305 FPS
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Lightweight
EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW Matrix Bulldog 400 4400 Crossbow
EXCALIBUR Matrix Bulldog 400 Crossbow
  • Speed Upto: 440 FPS
  • Balanced and lightweight
  • Do not need upgradation
Excalibur Micro MAG 340 Crossbow
Excalibur Micro MAG 340 Crossbow
  • Speeds Upto: 340 fps
  • Accurate angles
  • Lightweight

Top 5 Best Excalibur Crossbows | Detailed Review:

We have concluded with proper research and analysis that the five best Excalibur crossbows are explicitly made for hunting.

1. Excalibur GRZ 2 Crossbow – Best Overall

Excalibur Crossbow, Matrix GRZ 2 Package Realtree Xtra (E95922)
  • Arrow Length: 18”
  • Draw weight: 200 lb
  • Overall length: 33.25

This crossbow is known for its speed, as it delivers 305 FPS which means arrow can travel at a speed of 305 feet per second. This means the GRZ 2 works on high energy deliverance and gives you efficiency in its performance. Excalibur GRZ 2 comes 33.5 inches long, which is ideal for optimum performance.

The overall weight of the crossbow with all the accessories fixed in it is 8 lbs making it easy to carry and hold. If we remove the accessories and weigh the crossbow without any accessories installed, it would be around 6 lbs. The crossbow is expensive, but I will still recommend you buy it because of the performance it throws.

Excalibur GRZ 2 Crossbow has a lifetime warranty allowing you to contact the manufacturer if you encounter any manufacturing or technical fault. This crossbow is known for its easy unlock and unlock system, which helps beginners to learn hunting more brilliantly. Furthermore, the strength and rigidity of the crossbow make it unique and demanding for many professional hunters.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • 305 FPS speed
  • Poor scope accuracy


Excalibur GRZ 2 Crossbow is made in super robust construction to make, so it lasts longer than usual. Moreover, the lightweight feature of the crossbow makes it easy to handle. This crossbow throws a bow at the speed of 305 feet per second.

2. Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 400 4400 Gear

Excalibur Crossbow Matrix Bulldog 400 4400 Crossbow with Tact-Zone,...
  • Excalibur crossbow
  • Crossbow kit
  • Matrix Bulldog 400 4400 camo w/tact-zone

With this super powerful crossbow, you can experience more adventures and entertaining games, which deliver and function at 440 feet per second speed. It is the newest and latest one in this article. No doubt, once you play with this EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW Matrix Bulldog, you will definitely not be looking for another one in your life.

There is a dual-stage Crisp Pro-shot ACP trigger, which not only enhances the accuracy of the shots but also gives you the option to switch between 1 and 2 stages. The assembling and joining of this crossbow are very easy to do. The crossbow has an anti-dry fire system that protects and acts as a guardian for your crossbow in case you accidentally fire it without making it ready and an arrow in place.

We have noticed that many other crossbows come with those parts that need up-gradation for optimum performance. In this scenario, you will get the best and most efficient individual parts that do not require any kind of up-gradation. I will recommend this crossbow to those searching for compelling and qualitative products to make their hunting more fun.

  • Balanced and lightweight
  • 440 FPS
  • Do not need upgradation
  • Very expensive


This crossbow is made with quality parts and consists of efficient features. It will definitely make your hunting game adventurous and entertaining. This crossbow functions at the speed of 440 feet per second, which is relatively larger and super high.

3. Excalibur Micro MAG 340 Crossbow

Excalibur Mag 340 Accurate Durable Safety Hunting Archery Crossbow,...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - The Mag 340 brings best-in-class performance, value, accuracy, and a lifetime warranty; This archery...
  • ACCESSORIES - The Mag 340 crossbow comes equipped with: Rope Cocking aid, Dead Zone Scope, 1-inch scope rings, Guardian...
  • COMFORTABLE & SILENT- The Rope Cocking Aid creates comfortable cocking and decocking of any Excalibur crossbow by...

The crossword comes with exclusive features and accessories you need for your game. It works at 340 feet per second speed, which is considered high speed and gives you a powerful hunting experience. Moreover, once you buy this crossbow, you will not need another one for a lifetime because of its high durability feature.

The overall weight of the crossbow is 5.5 lbs making it super easy to handle and carry while maintaining balance. The length of the crossbow is 31.5 inches, considered a good length for better performance. This crossbow comes with all the necessary accessories, such as Scope rings, arrows, air brakes, and many others.

This lightweight crossbow is a compact and light tool for having the best hunting experience. However, it is expensive but will serve all the necessary demands from your crossbow to make your hunting adventure more perfect and fruitful. The accuracy in angle and fast speed make the crossbow reliable for long-term use.

  • Reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Accurate angles
  • Safety issues


Another crossbow on the list created with lightweight characteristics to make handling it easier is this one. Moreover, the accuracy of this crossbow’s angles and super high speed make it ideal for Hunters.h

4. Excalibur Assassin 360 Crossbow

Excalibur Crossbow E73367 Crossbows with Scopes Packages
  • Product Type: Outdoor Recreation Product
  • Item Package Dimensions: 17.78 L X 30.48 W X 96.52 H (Cm)
  • Country Of Origin: China

To make your next hunting game super professional and entertaining, I recommend you buy Excalibur Assassin 360 Crossbow. You will get the best of your experience when you play with this crossbow in your field. Not only the features but the look of the crossbow is beautiful for the hunters.

It gives you a complete camouflage look, making you feel more natural and adventurous. The way the stool mix and blends with the environment make you invisible to dangerous animals during hunting. The crossbow’s accuracy makes it unique and perfect if you don’t want to miss any of your targets.

You can shoot your arrow suddenly and quickly and even stop it without timing issues and preparation hurdles. The crossbow comes with all of the necessary features which you will need to fix your crossbow before hunting, such as air brakes and an anti-dry fire system. Moreover, the crossbow can deliver and work up to 360 FPS.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Unique look
  • It comes with all essential accessories
  • Poor quality


This crossbow has a durable construction system that can deliver up to 360 feet per second speed during shooting. Moreover, it has all the essential features you need to fix your cross before your hunting begins. The look of this tool is enough for the hunters to convince them to buy this crossbow.

5. Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 440 Crossbow – Best For Powerup

EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW E73583 Crossbows with Scopes Packages, Multicolor
  • Speed Up To 440 Fps
  • Draw Weight: 300Lb
  • Physical Weight: 6. 2 Lb

This is among the fastest crossbows, which delivers up to 440 feet per second. It is renowned for its speed, and this extra speed maximizes your adventure and fun in your hunting game. The overall rate of the crossbow is 6.2 pounds which makes it more convenient to handle and use for a longer time without getting tired.

You will get an efficient performance with this crossbow and will never want to change your tool. Super accuracy and incredible power make it highly suitable for those who love playing big hunting games with big animals. This will result in bigger adventures and fun.

The skeleton built of the crossbow is super strong and made with durable materials to ensure it lasts longer. At least pay the money you are spending on it. Even though the structure is solid and durable, the crossbow is lightweight and easy to carry. The crossbow operates silently and does not make unnecessary sounds during the process of de-cock and cock.

  • Speed Upto: 440 FPS
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Well-balanced
  • Costly


This Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 440 is another fastest and efficient crossbow that can deliver up to 440 feet per second. No doubt, this crossbow is easy to handle and gives you the optimum performance to maximize your adventures in hunting.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Excalibur Crossbow

Before finalizing your purchase, you need to focus on specific characteristics present in your crossbow to ensure you have the best crossbow available. Go in the understanding of the details that are mentioned below. This will help you in selecting the best product for you to have the best experience.


Go with the selection of durable products to make sure they will last long. Excalibur crossbows usually are expensive, but you still spend money to have more adventurous games. Go with the selection of durable products in which durable material is used.

Evaluate the life of moving parts and accessories that usually come with the crossbow. Select the durable product so you would not be replacing the parts or changing your crossbow every single time. We have selected the above five Excalibur crossbows while keeping the durability feature in mind.


Check for the accessories that are there with your crossbow. Make sure to select the crossbow, which comes with all the necessary accessories you need to set your crossbow before hunting.

These accessories are responsible for maximizing your game and ease your performance in hunting. Always try to select the one which comes with all the necessary accessories. These accessories are not only crucial for initiating a hunting game, but on the other hand, they also enhance your ordinary hunting adventure.

Convenience in Usage

Never go with the selection of complicated crossbows or the ones which are technically complex. These crossbows are not ideal for the optimum performance of your hunting game. It would be best if you focus on ease and convenience of usage while purchasing a crossbow.

The easier and simpler to maintain crossbows would serve all of your purposes without making you tired and exhausted. Moreover, the extra vibrations and noises that crossbows usually make generally come from the complicated structure and manufacturing. So by avoiding the complication, you can avoid unimportant noise and vibrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Compared with other brands of crossbows, the Excalibur crossbows are generally louder and make noises during use. And this happens because of the vibrations and movements it makes during servicing. Still, you have different options available in Excalibur crossbows; some make more noise, and some are lower in terms of sound.

Yes, Excalibur crossbows are suitable and recommended because of their powerful and efficient performance. This crossbow provides you comfort during your game and is highly durable and reliable in terms of material and construction.

Wrap Up

No doubt, hunting is among the top adventurous games that give you fun and entertainment and sharpen your skills. It improves your visual and motor skills and keeps you indulging in productive activities for a long time. You love hunting if you have efficient tools available to you. We have concluded the five best Excalibur crossbows to maximize your hunting game and polish your skills easily and conveniently.

Read the article with attention and careful understanding so you can make your final choices the best one for you. The details mentioned above also explain the advantages of pros and disadvantages under the heading of cons. Moreover, we have explained the buying guide to ensure you get the best features in your selected crossbow.

  • Excalibur GRZ 2 Crossbow this is a perfect crossbow for both professionals and beginners. It is made with super-strong features and throws the bow at 305 feet per second speed. Moreover, the lightweight feature in this crossbow makes it easy to handle and makes it more convenient for hunters to control the crossbow.
  • EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW Matrix Bulldog as this crossbow is renowned for its high speed, which is 440 feet per second. The cross is made in a lightweight and balanced style to ensure you can handle it more conveniently. Moreover, you are not required to upgrade any of its parts to get optimum results. Whereas, the way it comes, it is already trained to give you optimum performance.
  • Excalibur Micro MAG 340 Crossbow This crossbow is renowned for its speed and high accuracy in shooting. Moreover, the crossbow is made in lightweight construction to help you handle it more conveniently and enjoy your hunting game with more fun.

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