Bruzer FFL -Reverse Draw Crossbow -Review

Bear X has been producing top-notch archery equipment. This company has helped shape the archery world, and its Bear Archery Bruzer FFL is one of the finest mid-range crossbows on the market.

Whether your goal is game or targets, the Bruzer FFL comes with everything you need to start shooting, including a Trophy Ridge XF425 Scope, 3 Trophy Ridge X-Ray bolts, Picatinny-mount quiver, cocking sledge, and rail lube.

Here is a sample of the dynamic features the Bear X Bruzer FFL has to offer.

Our Top Pick
BearX Bruzer FFL

BearX Bruzer FFL – Crossbow


  • Velocity: 335 fps
  • Draw Weight: 125 lbs
  • Length: 34.5
  • Crossbow Weight: 9 lbs
  • Power Stroke: 14

The Bear X Bruzer FFL is compact, powerful, and a serious asset to big game hunters. However, the weight almost disappears once you’re in the stand.

What’s Included In Bruzer FFL Package

Bruzer FFL Crossbow Package
  • Bear Archery Bruzer FFL Crossbow
  • 3 Trophy Ridge X-Ray Arrows & Points
  • Picatinny Mount Quiver
  • Cocking Sled
  • Rail Lube
  • Trophy Hunter XF425 Scope
Bear X Crossbows Archery Bruzer FFL Crossbow Package, 34", Black
  • Shoots 335 FPS (feet per second)
  • Draw weight 125 lbs
  • 18 inch ATA (axle to axle)

Bear Archery Bruzer FFL Detailed Review:

Bear Archery Bruzer FFL


While the Bruzer FFL doesn’t offer blistering speed, this baby does an excellent job for a crossbow with a draw weight of only 125 pounds. This crossbow generates impressive power and deep penetration by shooting bolts up to 335 feet per second with 99.3 foot-pounds of kinetic energy right off the rail.

Since this crossbow is built with forward-facing limbs and reverse draw technology, the weight distribution makes the balance unique. The result of this incredible balance is dependable and repeatable accuracy. The trifecta regarding archery is power, penetration, and accuracy, making the Bruzer FFL useful for hunting everything from whitetails to cape buffalo.


The Bear X Bruzer FFL features solid construction. Unfortunately, this solid construction translates here into a heavy crossbow. This is not the crossbow you want to take hiking in the Rocky Mountain wilderness. Weighing in at a hefty 9 pounds, the Bruzer FFL is a bear to tote around in the woods (literally and figuratively).

However, once on your stand, you’ll forget how much this weighs. It is surprisingly compact despite its weight and easy to manoeuvre in the tight conditions of a tree stand or hunting blind.

In addition, the reverse draw design balances the weight rearward, toward your shoulder, reducing fatigue and allowing the shooter to stabilize the bow for fast and accurate shooting quickly.

Bear also backs the Bruzer FFL with an impressive limited lifetime warranty. This warranty is only valid for the original owner, but with Bear’s fantastic customer service and loyal product confidence, this may be the only crossbow you ever need.

Quality of Optics

Included with the Bear X Bruzer FFL is a Trophy Ridge XF425 scope. This scope is easy to sight in and holds zero almost indefinitely. All in all, this is a good-quality scope, especially for a crossbow package. The only serious drawback to the Trophy Ridge XF425 is it isn’t illuminated.

This is necessary if you plan to use this crossbow for hunting whitetails. If you hunt in low light conditions, including early morning or pre-dusk, you’ll want to upgrade to a scope with illumination. However, this scope should work fine if you choose a game active in daylight, like wild turkey or pronghorn.

Noise Suppression

While the Bear X Bruzer FFL lacks any integrated noise suppression, it isn’t the loud noise-maker you might expect. Still, adding some post-production suppression is a good idea, especially if you intend to use it for an easily spooked hunting game.

Bear X manufactures a fell string suppressor that integrates easily with the Bruzer FFL crossbow. Easy to install, this handy little gadget immediately quiets string noise and reduces vibration, turning you into one of the stealthiest predators in the forest.

User Comfort

Bruzer FFL What to Expect

We aren’t going to lie; the Bear X Bruzer FFL is HEAVY. At 9 pounds, this is one of the heaviest modern crossbows available. This is not the best weapon to hike into remote hunting locations. If you have to trek miles to your favourite hunting spot, especially if the terrain is rough, 9 pounds can quickly feel like a ton. Additionally, if you manage to score a big trophy, you’ll have to haul it out with this hefty weapon. It’s enough to make even the fittest hunter feel fatigued.

However, we can’t deny the effectiveness of this crossbow once you’ve arrived at your hunting location. The Bruzer handles like a much lighter crossbow. It has an axle-to-axle measurement of 15 inches when cocked and offers a power stroke of 14 inches. The compact design makes for effortless mobility in restrictive conditions like dense cover blinds or tight quarter tree stands. Swinging around to position a shot couldn’t be easier.

Also, the forward-facing limbs of the Bruzer FFL move the weight of the bow rearward, balancing between the foregrip and the grip. You won’t even feel the extra weight of this crossbow once you shoulder it t t into the firing position. It handles much like a lightweight crossbow.

With a draw weight of only 125 pounds, the Bruzer FFL couldn’t be more accessible to cock. You could almost pull the string back by hand. However, Bear X made cocking the Bruzer almost effortless by including a cocking sledge, ensuring a smooth, even draw that won’t make you sweat.

Bear X also integrated a special Gaff Step stirrup with an open hook design. This unique feature not only assists in cocking the weapon but can also be used as a hook to hang the crossbow within easy reach. This is a handy feature for loading and hunting from a tree stand, where easy weapon accessibility is a must.


Bear X has incorporated some outstanding safety features into the Bruzer FFL, including an intuitive, almost foolproof safety and a highly effective anti-dry fire mechanism.

The Bruzer features a convenient adjustable trigger system. This trigger innovation allows you to cock the crossbow safely in any position. As the bow is cocked, the safety automatically switches to the “safe” place.

The trigger on the Bruzer FFL can be problematic for some shooters. With a long pull, the trigger must travel a good way to reach the sweet spot, releasing the string. This can take some getting used to, although muscle memory should kick in with enough pre-season practice.

  • Comes as a complete, ready-to-shoot package
  • Compact design for easy maneuverability
  • Excellent safety features
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Included scope is not illuminated
  • Extremely heavy
  • Extra long trigger pull

Add Ons

The Bear X Bruzer FFL comes with three Trophy Ridge X-Ray bolts. These are pretty sturdy arrows and are more than sufficient to bring down any North American whitetail, especially with a well-placed shot. If you want to up the ante, consider upgrading to TenPoint Pro Elite Carbon Bolts. These high-quality bolts offer better long-range accuracy and greater kinetic energy, allowing you to deliver quick and humane kills, even on the largest game.

As we mentioned before, if you plan to use your Bruzer FFL to hunt in half-light conditions at daybreak and dusk, you probably want to upgrade the optics. The Trophy Ridge XF425 is a good-quality scope but lacks an illuminated reticle, making it mostly ineffective in low-light situations. The Excalibur Twilight Dlx Scope is perfect for taking your hunting skills to the next level.

TenPoint Crossbows 20" Pro Elite Carbon Crossbow Arrows (6 Pack)...
  • SPECIFICATIONS: 20-inches long, 22/64-inch diameter, 425 grain standard weight (includes 100 grain practice tip),...
  • Shot-after-shot ACCURACY and premium CONSISTENCY from bolt to bolt
  • Fitted with a 68-GRAIN ALUMINUM INSERT and TenPoint’s NEON YELLOW SUPERBRITE OMNI-NOCK which feature six micro-grooves...
EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW 1962, Twilight Deluxex 40mm 3-6x44mm
  • Package weight:4.0 lb
  • Package dimensions:15.0"L x 5.0"W x 5.0"H
  • TWILIGHT DLX 1962 Scope 6X44mm 30mm tube


The extreme weight of the Bruzer FFL could pose a significant problem to hunters hiking long distances or traversing rough terrain. However, the weight almost disappears once you’re in the stand. With a compact design and rearward weight distribution, this heavyweight crossbow handles like a dream.

The Bear X Bruzer FFL is compact, powerful, and a serious asset to big game hunters. Its durable construction and lifetime manufacturer’s warranty guarantee this one will last a while.

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