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In today’s article, we will review an innovative design crossbow, the Ravin R10. Before you invest your money, you should fully understand its functioning, and you can put your trust in us. It won’t be wrong to say that it has all the qualities that can satisfy any crossbowman.

Along with its attractive design, it offers incredible accuracy, speed, and multiple functionalities. Overall it’s a great crossbow that offers high performance. Read our Ravin R10 crossbow detailed review to know are Ravin 10 crossbows worth the money. So let’s get started.

Our Top Pick
Ravin R10 Crossbow

Ravin R10 – Crossbow


  • Velocity: 400 fps
  • Draw Weight: 12 Ibs
  • Length: 33″
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs
  • Power Stroke: 11

The Ravin R10 crossbow is a top-of-the-line hunting weapon that delivers unmatched performance and accuracy.

Ravin r10 Specs

  • Speed: 400 fps.
  • Kinetic Energy: 142 ft-lbs.
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs.
  • Length: 33″
  • Power Stroke: 11″
  • Draw Force: 12 LBS

What’s Included In the Package

Ravin R10 Package

After spending hours thoroughly testing every aspect of the Ravin R10, I was very excited to write a review about my experience, as this has been catching everyone’s attention for quite a long time. It’s a complete package crossbow that comes with all the essential accessories you might need in the field. So here’s what I found in the package.

  • Predator dusk camo
  • 100-yard illuminated long-range scope
  • 3 arrows with nocks
  • 100-grain practice points
  • Built-in cocking mechanism
  • 1 quiver with mounting bracket
  • User manual
Ravin R10 Crossbow Package R014 With HeliCoil Technology
  • LIGHT WEIGHT 6.8-POUNDS - For maneuverability in the field

Ravin R10 Crossbow Detailed Review

Ravin R10 Review

First Impression

Although the packaging and accessories were enough to make anyone happy, I would like to talk about its first impression on me. The best thing about this crossbow is that it comes pre-assembled, so you don’t have to hustle around to get it assembled. This classic design crossbow is 33 inches long and doesn’t weigh much, which is not less than a bonus for the hunters who spend hours hunting.

Don’t confuse its featherweight with its performance because even though it weighs less than 7 pounds but can push the arrows at 400 fps. Impressive, right? The Ravin R10 crossbow is less wide than the standard crossbow, making it easier to tilt and offering great maneuverability.

Moreover, it comes with a 100-yard illuminated scope for high accuracy that helps professionals and non-professionals. Aluminum gives it commendable durability; I can assure you it will be your hunting partner for a long time.

Field Test & Performance

No one wants to invest in something that doesn’t offer satisfactory performance. So we took the Ravin R10 crossbow for the field test to see if it was what the manufacturer claimed. Read ahead to know the results of the field test and its performance. Using the 300-grain bolts that came with the package, I could shoot them above 20 yards.

You can use the scope for effective hunting, offering up to 100 yards aiming point. With each next shot, my performance improved, so if you are a professional, shooting the bolts as far as 80 yards will be child’s play for you. After the field test, I am positive you won’t find any crossbow that offers such long-range performance as the Ravin R10.

User Comfort

The Ravin R10 crossbow is not all about performance; it also offers great comfort to the users. The crossbow comes as one piece, but you can also have extra accessories to make it more effective.

This includes mounting the scopes on the rail, which will then go to the mounting bracket. Mind it; the accessory bracket will also hold your crank handle and quiver. The setup hardly took 10 minutes, so it’s not tiring. You can also set up the crossbow on the tripod. This frees your arms, and you can keep on enjoying hunting for hours.

Quality of Optics

Ravin R10 Scope Quality

It comes with a premium 100-yard scope made of heavy-duty material. The scope is 32mm long, and whose lens is coated with red and green illuminated reticles.

This offers greater accuracy and helps you to perform well. Moreover, it is weather resistant, so no matter if it’s a foggy day or raining outside, its performance will not be affected.

Design and Durability

Ravin R10 Design

It would be unfair if I didn’t discuss how its design is the right mix of classics and modernization. Its compact design won’t make you look outdated if you go somewhere carrying your Ravin R10. It is 33 inches long with a width of 10.5 inches. Moreover, the width reduces to 6 inches when you cock it, much less than standard crossbows.

It is highly maneuverable because of its compact design and low weight. If you are an expert, you can even run and shoot. You can imagine its maneuverability by this statement. I don’t think there’s a need to question the durability of the Ravin R10 crossbow because it is built from high-quality aluminum, am I right?


The safety of the users is the top priority of the manufacturers. To ensure this, it has an anti-dry firework mechanism. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about misfires. It is super easy to operate and has an auto-safety mechanism, so people of any age group can use it without any worries.

  • Powerful and accurate
  • Excellent scope
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Not able to release mid draw

Hunting: What To Expect?

Ravin R10 Hunting What to Expect

It’s understandable if a buyer has specific expectations from a crossbow. Hunting is a piece of cake with the R10 crossbow because of its Helicoil technology and frictionless flight system.

The Helicoil technology gives the bolts higher speed and 340-degree rotation for higher accuracy. Moreover, the frictionless flight system helps in reducing friction and energy loss. It is super easy to operate. Just pull a trigger to release, and your bolt will hit the target in no time.

Recommended Addons
RAVIN R186 Hard-shell Case For Use Exclusively Crossbows R26/R29/R29X,...
  • REINFORCED POLYMER DESIGN - Water-resistant/sealed with manual air valve
  • CAM-OVER LATCHES - Heavy-duty handle
G5 Outdoors Montec 100 Grain Carbon Steel Premium Broadheads. Simple...
  • Perfect for all bows. Easily re-sharpened after repeated use
  • Comes in a pack of 3
  • Cutting diameter is 1-1/16-Inch
Frequently Asked Questions

003 arrow size is the correct size of the Ravin R10 crossbow arrows.

The strongest Ravin crossbow can shoot as far as 680 yards.


Ravin’s crossbows are everyone’s favorite, but today’s article focused on Ravin R10. According to my experience with Ravin R10, I didn’t find this crossbow difficult to operate. This answered my query of why it was the first priority of many beginners and professionals.

Moreover, it offers incredible durability and high performance in all weather conditions. I don’t think there’s anything major that R10 lacks except the clutch slipping. So you should give it a try. I hope you find the content of our article helpful. Thank you for reading.

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