The Best Crossbow Brands To Consider For Hunting

Nowadays, firing crossbows is becoming a famous sport among youngsters, and many opt for it as their profession. Just like any other profession, your skills and the right equipment is the key to success. Now you might be wondering how you would know the best crossbow brands from all the different crossbow brands, right? Well, you don’t need to worry about this because I got your back.

The rising popularity of the crossbow is benefiting crossbow manufacturers in many ways. There are so many brands of crossbows in the market but are you looking for the best brands of crossbows? If yes, then this article is for you. In today’s article, we will talk about some money-worthy brands of crossbows. So let’s get started.

Best Crossbow Brands

Best Brand of Crossbow For Hunting

Every hunter wants to have a fantastic experience while hunting; the best crossbow is the thing that can help you to enjoy hunting. It is the favorite weapon of the hunters. I have spent a lot of my precious time testing and trying these Brand crossbows so that I can recommend you the best.

1. Barnett Crossbows

Barnett crossbows

Barnett is a globally known brand of crossbows, and it was established by Bernard Barnett. He started by manufacturing some crossbows from his garage; the rest is history. This world-famous brand manufactures a variety of modern crossbows, so you will get a lot of options to choose from. In short, they offer both quality and quantity.

The Barnett has modernized the crossbows by adding scope for easy hunting, keeping the crossbow weigh less without compromising its performance. The accuracy, shooting capacity, and speed are why this brand is the greatest of all other crossbow brands. I appreciate it as a hunter searching for a crossbow that can withstand the rigors of the outdoors. However, their products may be less accurate and powerful than some other brands, which could be a drawback for those who need the best performance from their crossbow.

You can also get crossbow accessories from here. They have crossbow cases, crossbow slings, rope cocking devices, bow kits, scopes, replacement slings, crank cocking devices, and much more. I always go hunting with Barnett crossbows, and from my experience, I would recommend Barnett crossbows to everyone. One of the great features of these crossbows is their narrower bows that allow deeper penetration at higher speeds, making hunting even more enjoyable. A few of Barnett’s top crossbows are listed below:

2. Killer Instinct Crossbows

Killer Instinct Crossbows

Killer instinct is an American brand of crossbows and is at the second position in the list of top crossbow brands. They have been serving the people with professional fighting crossbows since 1994.

Their accessories are equally popular and good, which include bolts, slings, cases, etc. So you don’t need to go anywhere for accessories; you will get everything in one place. They have a wide range of crossbows, so you can choose the one that suits your style.

What I found the most attractive about Killer instinct crossbows is that all of them are super affordable. Killer instinct makes sure money never comes in your way of being a successful shooting crossbow.

Everything about this crossbow is just great. It is lightweight, quiet, and doesn’t vibrate when you shoot an arrow. I tested it out myself, and there is no better-performing crossbow available at such an affordable price. This is something that I prefer as a hunter who wants a superb crossbow without breaking the bank. However, some customers have reported quality control issues with their products, which could be a drawback for those looking for a trustworthy and consistent crossbow. The top crossbows from Killer Instinct are listed here:

3. BearX Crossbows

BearX Crossbows

This brand was introduced by Fred Bear in 1933 and still manufactures the best crossbows in the world. The talk of highly professional crossbows at affordable prices is impossible without the BearX Crossbow. You can choose from plenty of crossbow design options with BearX, including recurve and longbows.

It is best for beginners who are still learning and trying to be skillful crossbowmen. Even though it is considered best for beginners, it is no less than any professional crossbow. You can improve yourself by practicing with this crossbow, and you will easily get used to any other professional-level crossbow.

The crossbows by BearX are full of impressive features, but the greatest feature is its anti-dry fire mechanism. This works great for beginners and prevents misfires. However, it’s a beginner-level crossbow, but the shot speed is never less than 400 fps. This is a great brand for hunting as you get to fire crossbows at higher speeds with a beginner-level crossbow.

You can also add accessories like an illuminated scope, cocking rope, arrow quiver, rail lube for maintenance, etc. After testing it out myself, I added this to the list of best brands of crossbows. It is best for beginners who want to experience some professional-level shooting. There are some top crossbows from BearX:

4. CenterPoint Archery Crossbows

CenterPoint Archery Crossbows

It is an extension of Velocity outdoor company and is among the top crossbow brands from generation to generation. It is famous for its recurve crossbows. It is a brand of lightweight crossbows with unique designs. The best thing about this brand of crossbows is that they have an auto-cocking mechanism that ensures the safety of the users and everyone around them.

You can also get every crossbow accessory from CenterPoint Archery, from long aluminum arrows to quivers, roper cockers to cranking devices, etc. It is one of the best hunting crossbow brands. It is so lightweight that carrying it to my favorite hunting trail was not difficult. Although it is super light, it is a high-performing crossbow that allows you to shoot some arrows at deathly speed. In a nutshell, you can take your hunting capability to another level with the CenterPoint Archery Crossbow. A few of CenterPoint Archery top crossbows are listed below:

5. Ravin Crossbows

Ravin crossbows

Ravin Crossbow LLC is the manufacturer of the Ravin crossbow. It is one of the best crossbow brands that are extremely good for hunting. The crossbows by Ravin are equipped with Helicoil technology, ensuring that every shot is above 400 fps.

The high shooting speed makes it ideal for hunting purposes. The most outstanding features of the Ravin crossbow are its auto-cocking and anti-dry fire mechanism. Both of them ensure the safety of the user. The anti-dry fire mechanism is very important, especially if you are a newbie.

I value their commitment to innovation and their dedication to producing top-quality crossbows. However, their crossbows are expensive, which may be a drawback for hunters looking for a more affordable option. Additionally, their products may not be as accessible to beginners or casual hunters, which could limit their customer base.

Ravin also offers crossbow accessories like crossbow strings, cables, lube wax, cover, and other best crossbow brands. I used a Ravin crossbow for hunting, and I highly recommend this fantastic crossbow brand. If you are looking for a powerful and fast crossbow, the Ravin crossbow always wins the race. A few of Ravin’s top crossbows are listed below:

6. Excalibur Crossbows

Excalibur Crossbows

It was established in 1983 and has been winning every hunter’s heart since then. Excalibur is the best hunting crossbow brand and manufactures exceptionally good professional-level crossbows. Moreover, it is a budget-friendly crossbow brand, so if you are low on budget and love hunting, then Excalibur Crossbow is the best option.

They make different types of crossbows, so you get a wide range of variety to choose a crossbow for yourself. You can rely on this brand for the best hunting equipment and accessories. The coolest thing about this brand is that they also offer a full hunting kit which no other brand is doing. Besides this, you can also get accessories like cocking aid, quivers, maintenance tools, strings, cables, shooting accessories, etc., by Excalibur.

I can tell you from my experience that once you shoot an arrow from this crossbow, your prey will be dead in one go. The speed and penetration power of the hands shot from these crossbows are incredible, and if you want to enjoy hunting, you can rely on these crossbows. They offer accuracy, lightweight, reliability, easy maintenance, etc.

However, their crossbows can be quite expensive, and their products may not be as beginner-friendly as some other brands. I have used an Excalibur crossbow on several hunting trips and found it highly accurate and reliable. However, the higher price point may not be worth it for beginners or casual hunters who may not use the crossbow frequently enough to justify the cost. A few of Excalibur’s top crossbows are listed below:

7. Tenpoint Crossbows

Tenpoint Crossbows

For over 27 years, Tenpoint has been in the race for top crossbow brands. With that many years of experience in crossbow making, you can imagine what would be the level of this brand’s crossbows. This brand has some elite and professional crossbows that are slightly expensive but worth your money. They are famous for the production of highly-powerful crossbows without compromising on their accuracy and precision.

I used broad arrowheads to compliment my crossbow and upgrade it into a better hunting crossbow. The good thing about this brand is that you can upgrade almost every part of the crossbow by adding praiseworthy accessories. No doubt, they offer unmatchable accuracy and precision, but if you want to up your hunting game, then put a scope on your crossbow for better results. A few of Ten Point top crossbows are listed below:

8. Southern Crossbows

Southern Crossbows

Southern crossbow is among the very famous crossbow brands made in the USA. If you are a shooter and want a fantastic hunting game, there is nothing better than a Southern crossbow. This brand mainly focuses on manufacturing professional-level crossbows having marvelous features like lifetime warranty, adjustable buttocks, comfortable foregrip, etc.

The most remarkable thing about this brand is that almost all the accessories come with crossbows. These include crossbow bolts, optics, cocking aids, etc. The addition of accessories with the crossbow is convincing to anyone who is looking for a crossbow to hunt prey like an eagle. It is a complete package with everything you might need in the field. A few of Southern top crossbows are listed below:

9. Mission Archery Crossbows

Mission Archery Crossbow

The mission archery company is run by Matt McPherson and has 50 years of legacy. This experience led them to craft perfect hunting crossbows that offer the highest performance rate among all other brands of crossbows. Undoubtedly performance-wise, this crossbow is unmatchable, but its automatic de-cocking system is praiseworthy. This ensures the safety of the shooter and prevents any accidental misfire.

In terms of accuracy, the mission archery crossbow dominates every other crossbow available in the market. So it not only makes hunting a fun activity but also improves your accuracy. Because of its high performance and accuracy levels, it is a perfect choice for someone who wants to be a professional shooter or a hunter. From my experience, this crossbow will take down any prey in a matter of seconds. A few of Mission archery top crossbows are listed below:

10. Wicked Ridge Crossbows

Wicked Ridge Crossbows

Wicked Ridge is affiliated with TenPoint, and you will find many common features in a Wicked ridge crossbow and a TenPoint crossbow. It is one of the best hunting crossbows that are a little less expensive than other options available in the market. It has all the features that a good hunting crossbow should have. The wicked Ridge mainly manufactures hunting crossbows that are not heavy to carry. This facilitates the hunter to roam around easily while carrying the crossbow.

You can get bowstrings, protective gear, nocks, maintenance accessories, and much more from their store to accessorize your crossbow. They have included the built-in de-cocking mechanism, which is a nice safety feature for any hunting crossbow. Although the shooting speed of this crossbow is high, it lacks accuracy. But if you are good at aiming, you can still make some lethal shots using this crossbow. A few of Wicked Ridge top crossbows are listed below:

11. Horton Crossbows

Horton Crossbows

Horton Crossbow is a 1980s crossbow company. It is based in the US and popular among locals as one of the top crossbow brands. It is around 18 inches wide and 35.5 inches long and still doesn’t feel heavy. This is one of the best features of Horton crossbows and attracts many shooters because they can easily take it to their favorite hunting trail.

Horton is the oldest manufacturer of crossbows but never compromises on the quality and performance of the crossbow. You can trust this brand for activities like hunting and shooting. If you ever need to buy some crossbow accessories for yourself, you can also count on this brand. Everything is available at Horton’s, from bow strings to arrows, quivers to cocking devices, etc.

It is one of the stealthiest crossbows. Once you shoot, the arrow speed is so satisfying I have no words to describe the feeling you get at that time. What I like the most about these crossbows is that they produce almost no sound while you shoot an arrow and land on the target. A few of Horton’s top crossbows are listed below:

Frequently Asked Questions We Receive From New Shooters:

Ravin, Barnette, Centerpoint, and Excalibur are some of the best brands of crossbows.

Centerpoint crossbows are one of the high-performing crossbows that are available at affordable prices.


Many people love shooting and hunting. They often visit places to hunt prey or shoot arrows at a target. If you also fall under any one of the above mentioned categories, then the first thing you need is a crossbow. Selecting the best crossbow from the variety of crossbows available at the market is very hard, so here are a few best crossbow brand suggestions from us:

  • Barnett Crossbow
  • Killer Instinct Crossbow
  • BearX Crossbow

These three are among the top crossbow brands. All of them are extremely good in terms of quality, performance, and accuracy. So if you are indecisive about what brand’s crossbow you should buy, you can take help from our list of top crossbow brands. I hope you find the content of our article helpful. Thank you.

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