6 Best Crossbow Target Reviewed with Expert Buying Guide

In hunting, precision and accuracy are the cornerstones of success; whether a seasoned hunter or a beginner, hitting the mark is paramount. Before taking any action, let’s talk about something important!

Imagine yourself as a pro hunter ( just imagine πŸ™‚ aiming at a deer, and you want to hit it every time, right? This is where having a quality crossbow target becomes essential! Crossbow targets can be tricky to shop with numerous options available in the market. Investing in a quality target that meets your requirements and helps you with a variety of tasks is highly important. 

Best Crossbow Targets

How We Pick the Best?

After trying out inexpensive and high-quality targets, I’ve figured out which ones are worth spending your money on and which ones you should avoid. Don’t worry; I have you covered! I found targets that might not last very long after a few hundred shots and ones that can handle thousands of impacts!

However, before buying one, you must consider various factors, from durability to structure, dimensions, and aiming points of the product. Therefore, this article presents a buying guide and the six best crossbow targets with ensured convenience, durability, and efficiency.

Top 6 Crossbow Targets – Reviews

Top 5 Best Crossbow Targets Reviews

1. Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS Bag Archery Target – Best Target For Crossbows

Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS Cube Field Point Archery Bag Target with...
  • LARGE PORTABLE ARCHERY BLOCK: Archery target bag with graphics gives this target easy visibility for target practice;...
  • EASIER PRACTICE SESSIONS: Comes with 5 traditional bullseyes, nine-ball bullseyes, dartboard game, and deer vitals for...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Powerful construction withstands blows from crossbows, compound bows, and air bows, stopping up to...

First and foremost, this Morrell 450 FPS is best known for its stopping speed, high convenience, easy arrow removal, and long-lasting usage. If you are looking for something basic yet efficient to target for crossbows, this is an ideal choice for you. It is a further compound bow, Airbow, and traditional bow approved that makes it highly efficient.

Secondly, this product includes a premium stuffing material that offers high durability and long-lasting usage. Therefore, it is designed for sop hundreds of arrows with an offset technology that also helps the user to prolong the target. It also comes with a replaceable cover that adds to the life of this target bag and offers you longevity.

In the end, it comes with a design that offers an easy two-finger arrow removal making it highly convenient for the users. Lastly, the stopping power of 450 FPS is one of the best in the market. Hence, you can go for any toughest and long-range targets with this Morrell Double Duty archery target.


Finally, this Morrell double-duty design is one of the best crossbow target blocks with longevity, high stopping speed, and absolute convenience. It comes with a replaceable cover and quality construction that adds to the durability of this product. Further, the well-organized design and the high stopping power make it ideal for a tough shooting experience.

2. SpyderWeb ST 18 XL TargetBest Overall

SpyderWeb ST18XL-Crossbow Archery Target for 500 FPS or...
  • Trustworthy Crossbow and Archery Target for Any Bow that will Shoot High Speed Arrows or Bolts.
  • Super Easy to Remove all fast practice field point arrows and crossbow bolts.
  • Maximum Stopping Power at any distance with No Speed Limit Restrictions

SpyderWeb ST 18 XL Target is made in the USA. It measures 18.4 x 18.3 x 13.8 inches in L x W x H and has a total weight of 34.4 pounds. It is a cubic block filled with Polyester and has no speed limit restrictions. Besides, it is compatible with any bow that shoots arrows.

The best thing about this shooting target is that it is safe to use in your backyards and indoors. However, you will always have to keep an arrow puller on hand to remove the arrows from the target in the safest way possible.

Furthermore, the face of the target is made of highly durable and high-quality silk polyester, which makes it super long-lasting. When the arrow hits the face, the silk strands are pushed around the corners of the arrow rather than being torn apart.

  • Highly durable
  • Good quality
  • Weatherproof
  • Slightly Expensive


It is safe to conclude that the SpyderWeb ST 18 XL-Archery Target is a must-buy item. You are guaranteed to be highly satisfied by its quality and performance. Besides, you can teach your kids crossbow at home without paying institutional fees.

3. Block Classic Archery Target – Editor Choice

Field Logic Block Classic 18 Archery Target, Black
  • 2-SIDED ARCHERY TARGET - Measures 18" x 18" x 14" – Also available in a 20” and 22” model
  • EASY ARROW REMOVAL and INCREDIBLE STOPPING POWER - Patented open layer design stops arrows with friction not force...
  • GREAT VISIBILITY - High contrast white-on-black aiming points offer great visibility to help shooters at short and long...

First of all, this Block Classic Archery design is another great option if you are looking for convenience and visibility in a target. Additionally, it comes with a durable frame and a lightweight design that helps you with overall durability and portability. It also offers an easy arrow removal that helps the user throughout.

Similarly, the bag comes with an open layer design that stops the arrow with improved friction and makes the process less tiring for the user. Hence, with this design, you are getting less fatigue despite stopping all the broadheads and field points. Also, the lightweight and portable design make it easy to travel with.

Lastly, this Block Classic crossbow target comes with a black and white color that offers high visibility throughout the process. This is because the structure of the target offers high contrast and makes the points easy and visible. Therefore, you are able to go for either short or long distances easily without any inconvenience.

  • Offers high-speed rate
  • Offers enhanced durability
  • Ideal for field points
  • It is highly portable
  • Not for broadhead shooting


Finally, this Block Classic Target is made for someone who is looking for the best crossbow targets for broadheads and field tips alike. It comes with a lightweight black-and-white contrast design that offers high visibility and helps the user with transport. Additionally, it is further famous for friction that accommodates the user in stopping the short and long-distance targets.

4. Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-425 – Best Crossbow Target For The Money

Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-425 Outdoor Portable Adult Field Point...
  • Archery target bag amplifies your archery skills; Designed to be 20 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 20 inches tall,...
  • Durable, intuitive construction approved for use with high-speed crossbow and compound bows; Stops up to 425 FPS and is...
  • Comes with 2 shooting sides and 10 bullseyes, offering the versatility your training regimen demands; Easy arrow removal...

This Morrel yellow YJ-425 is another absolute addition to the list of the best crossbows target bags famous for its convenience and efficiency. This bag is specifically designed for the easy removal of arrows. It is also popular for its construction and internal frame system that adds points to its durability and long-lasting usage.

Moreover, this bag offers large distance shooting with a speed rating of 450 feet per second which makes it highly efficient. For further comfort, the manufacturers have added a handle to an already portable design. Thereby, with this handle, you can hand it on the target stand as well as make it easy for transport.

In the end, the design includes four corners, each with the capacity to stop the arrows. Furthermore, each side of the bag has a unique character, i.e., a dartboard target, deer vital targets, and so on, coupled with a jacked including four aiming points. However, this bar is solely designed for field points and might not be effective for broad-range shooting.

  • Offers high-speed rate
  • Offers enhanced durability
  • Ideal for field points
  • It is highly portable
  • Not for broadhead shooting


Finally, this Morrell Yellow YJ-450 is an excellent option for anyone looking for the best compound crossbow targets with a high-speed rate and absolute efficiency. It is compound and airbow approved with durable construction that helps you throughout. Also, the improved portability, high-speed rating, and internal frame system add value to the system.

5. Shooter Buck 3D Deer Archery Target – Top Rated Choice

Shooter Buck 3D Deer Archery Target with Replaceable Core, brown
  • LIFE-LIKE SHOOTER BUCK - The biggest toughest 3D Target in the Universe, This Life-like Buck stands 48" Tall, 125" P & Y...
  • BANG FOR YOUR BUCK - Includes a replaceable high density core insert that offers up to 5 times the shooting surface of...
  • STABILITY - the crossbow Shooter stands at 4 feet tall but it will never waver because ground stakes are included

To start with, this Shooter Buck target is one of the best crossbow deer targets with high stability and friction that facilitates you throughout. Initially, it comes with a lightweight design that helps you in portability and easy transport. Further, the design is 3D that makes it look visually appealing and offers the toughest archery experience.

Secondly, the design also comes with a high-density insert that is replaceable and offers a large surface area. Therefore, you are getting five times the area of the regular similar 3D crossbow targets. Also, with this feature, you can extend the life of your target and can increase the efficiency of your product.

Likewise, this Deer archery target is famous for its stability that comes with its durable and sturdy base. Despite being 4 feet tall, it includes ground stakes and a strong foundation that helps you with the overall stability and support. Lastly, it is ideal for both the field tip arrows or the broadheads that makes it likable among users.

  • Offers high portability and durability
  • It offers a toughest 3D archery experience
  • Offers high stability and support
  • Ideal for both the field tips and broadheads
  • The fit of the legs and the main body is not the best


In essence, this Shooter Buck 3D deer target is a great choice if you like 3D targeting and want proper stability and efficiency in your product. Its 3D design comes with a high-density core insert that helps you with extended shooting with improved support. Also, the durable and lightweight design offers high friction for broadheads and field tips alike.

6. Field Logic Hurricane H21 – Best Crossbow Archery Bag Target 

Field Logic Hurricane H21 Crossbow Archery Bag Target, Orange, 22 Inch
  • HIGH VISIBILITY AIMING POINTS - Graphics against the bright-colored background are easy to see especially at long ranges
  • LONG TARGET LIFE - Deer vitals on the back side are off centered from aiming points on the front side allowing for...
  • DESIGNED FOR CROSSBOWS - Specifically designed for Crossbows and high-speed bows

Firstly, this Field Logic is another target specifically designed for crossbows and high-speed bows with improved visibility and convenience. Initially, it comes with quality construction that makes it long-lasting coupled with a lightweight design that helps you with portability. It also includes handles that make it easy for transport.

Furthermore, it offers a large target life with its versatile design and thought-out structure. Therefore, it comes with deer vitals on its backside impaired with the aiming points on the front side that help you with an efficient target process. Also, the design offers high friction to stop the field tips with added efficiency.

Last but not least, this Field Logic Hurricane is an ideal choice if you are looking for high visibility and comfort. This design comes with a bright-colored design with graphics that helps you with long-range shooting and high visibility.

  • Offers high visibility
  • It offers a long target life
  • It comes with a lightweight design
  • Ideal for crossbow and high-speed bow
  • Durability is not the best
  • Nor for broadheads


In the end, this Field Logic Hurricane is another best crossbow target for the money with high visibility, improved portability, and long-range shooting. It’s lightweight and contrast design offers enhanced visibility and a long target life. Finally, the thought-out design offers an efficient process with a long-range shooting experience.

Best Crossbow Targets Buying Guide: What to Consider

Crossbow Target Buying Guide

While going for a crossbow target, it is important to look for certain factors that directly or indirectly affect the end process of archery. Here, you should consider all the basic elements, from durability to shape, structure, dimensions, and so on. Following are some factors you must consider while going for the best crossbow target:

Types of Crossbows Target

These are the two main types of crossbows targets:

  • Bag Targets are relatively smaller and higher than other counterparts. The construction is durable yet with less dense material as compared to foam targets. Additionally, these targets come in different shapes, from cubes to sacks, and so on. However, these cannot be used for broadheads.
  • Foam Targets are bigger and denser than bag targets and offer enhanced friction to stop broadheads and field tips. These targets are specifically designed for extensive usage and high durability with thick material construction. The only consideration in these is that because of the thick construction, arrow retrieval becomes difficult.

What is FPS or Stopping Speed?

FPS or Feet Per Second is the stopping speed of a crossbow that can stop arrows. The greater the speed of your target, the better the efficiency. Hence, if you are going for broadheads, compound crossbows, or long-range targets, we recommend you go for a speed of 350 to 450 that can help you with fast stopping speed.

Arrow Retrieval

Arrow retrieval is another factor that is highly important while choosing the best crossbow target. Hence, after you have hit, it should be easy to get the arrow from your archery target. Most commonly, it is believed that the bag targets are more efficient than foam in this regard and can help you with convenience. At the same time, if you are able to find quality foam construction, you can go for it based on your budget and requirements.

Portability and Durability

Other factors that you must consider while buying the best crossbow arrows are portability and durability. For portability, you can go for the targets that are lightweight and offer an easy traveling experience.

There are many options through the market that come with handles that make them easy to carry around. For durability, after choosing between foam and bag targets, you can go for options that are weatherproof and offer high resistance from physical damage or abrasion.

Aiming Points

Having multiple aiming points in a crossbow target is highly significant for the longevity and durability of your product. This is because constant usage of limited aiming points can degrade the quality of your target by making it weak after some time.

Hence, while choosing the best crossbow target, it is important to consider the option that comes with multiple spots to aim for long-lasting usage and durability. Finally, based on our requirements and budget, you can opt for the one that is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Morrell double duty 450FPS is one of the best crossbow targets with absolute longevity, convenience, and high stopping power. Its double-duty design and variety of aiming points help the user throughout the process. Moreover, it’s easy arrow removal, replaceable cover, and high stopping speed make it stand among others.

The two most common types of crossbows targets are bag and foam, each having its own merits and demerits. The bag targets are known for their efficiency in field tips, quality efficiency, arrow retrieval, and small sizes.

On the contrary, the foam targets are made up of thick material with high efficiency and are ideal for broadheads and field tips alike. Finally, based on your needs and requirements, you can opt for one.

Wrap Up

To Sum up, based on your skillset, durability, and other important factors that can influence your game, you can opt for the right crossbow arrow for yourself. There are a variety of options across the market with different shapes, dimensions, tasks, and aiming points. Hence, with the help of this above-mentioned buying guide and suggestions, you can go for the one that is right for you. 

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