What is Crossbow Draw Weight?

Every crossbow is equipped with a draw weight. Draw weight is the amount of force that is applied to pull back the crossbow strings. It is a very important step as these crossbow strings need to be pulled back with a strong force to cock a crossbow and shoot the bolt or an arrow. For crossbow users, it is very important to be aware of the draw weight because it identifies how powerful the crossbow is while shooting.

Crossbow strings are similar to the springs. The more you pull them, the more they save energy and power for the shoot. The energy in the crossbow is stored by drawing more weight. By pulling the trigger, the spring gets loose, and the energy is stored as the limb is released. As a result, this energy is converted into the driving force for the bolt and arrow, helping the crossbow users to get the target.

Crossbow Draw Weight

Different Ranges Of Crossbow Draw Weight

Medium Crossbow Draw Weight

Medium draw weight in a crossbow is the weight between the range of 130-160 pounds. Most crossbows with this range of draw weight can increase the weight up to 200 pounds, which is considered the extreme side of the medium draw weight. This is the medium-range weight, and the weight that goes beyond this range is considered to be the highest range.

Low Crossbow Draw Weight

Crossbows with low draw weight lie in the range of 80 pounds or higher. Most crossbows also have a draw weight of up to 50 pounds but 80 pounds is considered to be the lightest weight in the lowest range. Moreover, most states require crossbow users and hunters to use the crossbow with a low draw weight of 80-100 pounds.

High Crossbow Draw Weight

Crossbows with high draw weight are considered to be highly powerful and heavy-duty with extreme speed. Moreover, there is no limit to draw weight for these heavy crossbows. The draw weight can range from 200 pounds and so on, depending upon the type of user. Professional crossbow users make use of the crossbow with high draw weight for hunting and shooting.

Can You Adjust the Draw Weight of a Crossbow?

Crossbows do not have adjustable draw weights, which is a common complaint. You can adjust the draw weight in some crossbow models using two methods.

You can change the draw weight by tightening or loosening the limb bolts. Having a crossbow with replaceable limbs can also allow you to change the draw weight. If you are not comfortable with the weight of a particular draw weight, you can exchange out the limbs.

How Much Draw Weight Can People Handle?

Making generalizations like this is challenging, and we usually refrain from doing so since we know that huge people can’t pull very much draw weight and little ladies may pull a surprising amount of draw weight, but…

In general, mature males can lift to 175 pounds of draw weight. Large guys could even be able to use sufficient leverage to pull crossbows weighing more than 200 pounds. Children may need to reduce closer to 75 pounds than women, who may need to drop to 125 pounds or fewer (and even that might be a stretch for some of them).

It’s ultimately up to you to experiment and see what you’re capable of. Honestly, it is impossible to predict what a person will pull. It’s important to remember that the more times you load your crossbow, the more tired you’ll become. Even while you might be able to manage a pull weight of 175 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

The draw weight on a crossbow actually means the amount of force that is applied on the cross strings and is pulled back in order to store energy. The energy in the cross strings is stored by stretching them back in order to get the target. The more the string is stretched, the more powerful the crossbow has a higher speed.

A crossbow with a draw weight of 50-60 pounds is suitable for hunting.

The crossbow has a draw weight of 200 pounds and is considered to be the crossbow with the highest weight. These crossbows are suitable for professionals, extremely powerful, and deliver high speed.


Crossbow has a certain range of draw weight, which is the force required to stretch back the cross strings, storing the energy and power. The best part of these crossbows is that they are adjustable by connecting the limbs with the blots.

Apart from this, the crossbows are equipped with different ranges of draw weights that crossbow users can opt for according to the task. Furthermore, the best draw weight suitable for hunting is 50-60 pounds.

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