Top 5 Best Crossbow Cases for Safe Transport – Reviews

Finding the best crossbow case may be more challenging than it may seem because there is a wide variety of crossbow cases. Also, there are so many brands and stores that you need clarification on. Therefore, there is always a hindrance to making the right decision. So in this article, I will talk about some of the best crossbow cases by some authentic brands.

Opening up several genuine possibilities allows the decision to pick the best crossbow case to be made more accessible. Keeping in mind some major features like quality, price, and durability, I have enlisted some of the most reliable and long-lasting crossbow cases. So, let’s go into the details and see some of the features that make a crossbow case good. Remember to purchase the best crossbows.

Top 5 Best Crossbow Cases (Reviews)

Best Crossbow Cases

1. Plano Spire Crossbow Case – Best Soft Crossbow Case

Plano Spire Crossbow Case, Black, Archery Bow Box Storage, Heavy-Duty...
  • PLANO SPIRE CROSSBOW CARRY CASE: Sleek hard case storage designed to safely transport your bow (with scope attached),...
  • HIGH-DENSITY POLY FOAM protects the fit, finish, and alignment, including any attached optics. Lashing straps hold your...
  • THREE HEAVY DUTY SECURITY LATCHES and padlocks provide supreme protection during transport, while securing your...

Plano is the right brand to find a quality crossbow case. You will come across a vast variety of some of the best crossbow cases at their store. The Plano Spire crossbow case is available in black color and has a soft foam in it that reduces the chances of any damage. The high-density foam is an excellent protection to this crossbow case which is why you must go for it.

The length of the Plano Spire crossbow case is approximately 41.2 inches whereas its height is 12.25 inches. This crossbow case is designed specifically for modern crossbows because it is compact and easy to carry. Plus, the best part is that it comes with multiple latches that make it even more secure and it has a handle that makes it easier to carry the case.

It also has straps on the inside, which keep the crossbow secure and tightly packed. The overall look of this crossbow case is also quite stylish. So, it is not wrong to say that this is a combination of excellent quality and style. This is an all-in-one crossbow case, and you can trust the brand, too, as they have a good reputation.

  • Durable
  • Secure
  • Reasonable price
  • Not suitable for all crossbows


Finally, the Plano Spire case is one of my favorite cases so far due to its quality as well as the price. Nowadays, finding a quality product at such an affordable price is hard. So, if you are looking for the best crossbow case, do consider this one because you will not be disappointed. It is really secure and handy too.

2. Barnett TruBark Crossbow Soft Case – Hard Shell Crossbow Case

Barnett TruBark Crossbow Soft Case, Travel Case
  • DURABLE EVA CUSTOM FIT soft-sided Crossbow Case that offers protection for your crossbow and easy access to your hunting...
  • FEATURES a pass through foot stirrup hole for easy hanging | Fits Barnett and Other branded crossbows | Dimensions: 21"W...
  • ERGONIMICALLY DESIGNED Carrying Handles makes the Barnett Crossbow Soft Case easy to handle.

The Barnett TruBark is a lightweight crossbow case. It weighs almost one pound and is an easy-to-carry. It looks like a small cushioned bag with zips on it. The foam makes it super soft and perfect for the crossbow’s various parts as they remain protected in the cushion. So, if you really want an excellent crossbow case, check this out.

Apart from that, the Barnett TruBark crossbow case is versatile because it perfectly fits almost all crossbows. It is also because of its bag-like shape, which makes it suitable for all kinds of crossbows. Plus, it is not too small, which further makes it multifaceted because its size allows you to secure multiple accessories. So, you can pack everything in one bag.

The Barnett TruBark comes with additional pockets where you can put broadheads, rope cockers, and much more. Other than that, the straps allow you to wear this crossbow case as a backpack while making it convenient to carry. So, all these features add value to the reliability of this crossbow case and make it one of the most suitable crossbow cases.

  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to carry
  • Budget-friendly
  • Really big for some crossbows


Finally, if you are searching for the best crossbow cases, go to the Barnett Archery store because there you will find everything you want. They have got some of the best archery accessories, ideal for hunting. You can get the desired accessories as well as a crossbow case. So, visit their store and enjoy the hunting experience while making it convenient with this crossbow case.

3. Ravin R180 Soft Case – Crossbow Carrying Case

RAVIN R180 Soft Case For Use Exclusively Crossbows, Black
  • DURABLE, PADDED CONSTRUCTION - Extra-thick scope padding

The Ravin R180 soft case has multiple storage compartments, making it spacious because you can secure various crossbow accessories. It comes with straps, so you can also wear it like a backpack, and its straps are really comfortable and foamy. So, this shows how perfect it is for adventurous experiences. You can wear it for many hours while going hunting.

It comes in a decent combination of two colors that are black and orange. The design is really compact and sleek from the outside, but it has a lot of space inside it. Plus, it comes with additional pockets, too, so that you can put various things in different portions. The water does not get into it due to its proper sealing and water-resistant property.

The price is also comparatively affordable because crossbow cases with such features are usually quite expensive, but this one is reasonable. This crossbow case can fit all sorts of crossbows because of its extra space. So, even if you change the crossbow, you can fit them in the same case without purchasing another.

  • Excellent quality
  • Spacious
  • Comfortable straps
  • Lacks internal strap


Overall, the Ravin R180 soft crossbow comes with multiple advantages. It has a reasonable price and is perfect for all weather. This is one of the best crossbow cases with several interesting features. You should visit the Ravin store for the best quality crossbow cases and other crossbow accessories. The brand is trustworthy and reputable.

4. TenPoint Stag Hard Crossbow Case – Best Crossbow Case

TenPoint STAG Hard Case, Black - Easily Transport & Protect Your...
  • EASY CROSSBOW TRANSPORT - Features two hook & loop straps to secure your crossbow, straps that lock down the quiver, and...
  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION - The TenPoint Stag Hard Case was constructed to withstand harsh weather & travel conditions. This...
  • COMPATIBILITY - This case fits Nitro X & XRT, NXT 400, Shadow NXT, Stealth NXT, Titan De-Cock & M1, Turbo M1, Vapor...

The TenPoint Stag Hard crossbow is also resistant to water. Its outer shell is hard, whereas its inside is composed of velvet, a soft material that provides extra cushioning. TenPoint stag crossbow case weighs approximately five pounds which is neither too heavy nor too light, just an ideal weight. It can easily be carried. Plus, the TenPoint brand is one of the very reliable brands, so you must check.

The TenPoint crossbow case is a bit expensive, but its quality is just exceptional. Since it is water-resistant, it does not easily get damaged. It can survive all weather conditions, which makes it stand out. Also, the velvet gives extra protection to the crossbow and keeps it secure while preventing scratches and any damage. So, visit the store without further delay and get this crossbow case.

You can tightly seal and lock it, which shows how secure it is, and the accessories are tightly packed once you put them in. Moreover, it is really versatile because you can put different kinds of crossbows in it, and most of them fit perfectly fine. Plus, the TenPoint crossbow case is perfect for traveling too. So, this is one of the best crossbow cases with multiple features.

  • Looks trendy
  • Water resistant
  • Reliable
  • A bit costly


Finally, consider the TenPoint crossbow case because it offers you everything you are looking for. It is rigid and extra secure. Plus, it seems really compact, but from the inside, it is really spacious and can incorporate multiple crossbows. So, all its features make it worth the money, and you must try it out and see how it works for you.

5. Ravin R182 Hard-Shell Crossbow Case – Hard Case For Crossbow

Ravin R182 Hard-Shell Crossbow Case For Use Exclusively With Ravin...
  • REINFORCED POLYMER DESIGN - Water-resistant/sealed with manual air valve
  • CAM-OVER LATCHES - Heavy-duty handle

The Ravin R182 Hard-Shell crossbow is without any doubt a bit expensive crossbow case, but its price is worth the quality. This is one of the most sturdy and reliable crossbow cases you can rely on. It is a bit heavy in weight. The weight is almost twelve pounds, unlike other crossbow cases that are light in weight. It is probably because of its tough and sturdy shell.

You will get this crossbow case in black color with a handle to carry it around. One of the best features of the Ravin R182 crossbow case is that it is water-resistant and tightly sealed. The accessories do not lose their place, and the water also does not come in. So, it adds value to the durability of the R182 crossbow case by the Ravin brand, making it a worthy crossbow case.

This crossbow case is suitable for all weather conditions because it is rigid and strict. Moreover, it has a very trendy look too. So, it is reliable and of good quality and looks good too. It is spacious from the inside and has the space to keep binoculars, arrows, and many other things. You can store multiple items in a compact form.

  • Excellent quality
  • Weather resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Expensive


Finally, the Ravin R182 Hard Shell crossbow case is something that you can never regret spending your money on. This is my favorite crossbow case as I have used it and found it to be durable and easy to carry too. So, if you want an excellent crossbow case, you should invest in this one because it is worth the purchase regardless of its price.

Soft Case Vs. hard Case Which one should you get?

The decision between a soft case and a hard case for your crossbow will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Soft cases are generally more lightweight and easier to transport; they are also more flexible and can be packed into tight spaces, making them great for travel or storage. They also tend to be less expensive than hard cases.

On the other hand, Hard cases offer more protection for your crossbow. They are typically made of a durable material such as plastic or aluminum and can withstand impacts and extreme temperatures. They also have locking mechanisms to secure the contents inside, making them great for travel by airplane or other means of transportation. They also highly resist water, dust and other environmental factors.

Choosing a soft and hard case will depend on your specific needs. If you are looking for protection and security during transportation, a hard case would be a better choice. If you are looking for portability and ease of storage, a soft case may be a better option.

A Guide to Picking the Right Crossbow Cases


One of the very first things to consider before purchasing a crossbow case is its material. Some crossbow cases are soft, while others are hard. Both are equally good in their own ways as they are designed to perform specific purposes, different from each other. 

Hard crossbow covers are designed in such a manner that they provide extra protection and are suitable for long drives. On the other hand, soft crossbow cases come in the shape of a bag and are ideal if you want to go to some nearby place to hunt. You can wear them like a bag as they also have straps.


Durability is another important factor. Now, durability depends upon multiple factors. The quality of the material comes under the category of durability. Also, the function of the crossbow case shows how durable it is. 

If you choose a soft crossbow cover, make sure its fabric is of good quality and provides extra cushioning. However, covers should be sturdy enough for a hard crossbow to avoid getting damaged easily. Also, ensure that the hard crossbow cover has straps that help to secure the accessories.

Weather Resistant

Hunting is a very thrilling but fun experience. The weather conditions can sometimes be harsh. So, in such a case, a good weather-resistant crossbow case is required. Make sure that whatever material you buy is water-resistant and also provides UV protection.

In soft crossbow cases, nylon is preferably a good material to go for because it resists water. In hard crossbow cases, ensure they can be properly sealed. A weather-resistant crossbow case is usually long-lasting because it is not damaged by environmental conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is better to get a crossbow case for the sake of your own convenience. However, it is not necessary. It depends upon your personal preference.

Carrying them in public may not be allowed but you can use them for hunting and other such activities.

Final Thoughts

I hope this information helped you understand what a good crossbow case is like. Although all of the crossbows mentioned above cases are perfect in their own way, there is one that stands out. Given below is the top recommendation:

Ravin R182 Hard-Shell Crossbow Case is the best for its outstanding features.

Ravin R182 Hard-Shell Crossbow Case
Ravin R182 Hard-Shell Crossbow Case
  • Excellent quality
  • Long-lasting
  • Weather resistant

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